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Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher´s next coup: Intelligent Nutrients goes global!

He is doing it again. The famed Aveda founder and Ecopreneur now focuses on Intelligent Nutrients, his 100% organic certified health and beauty line that is going global and flies of the shelves.

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How Your Brain Influences Your Business

Do you believe you are only modestly creative, innovative and motivated? According to Dr. Srini Pillay you simply may not know how to fire up the corresponding regions in your brain to unleash your creativity in full force. YES, you are a creative powerhouse!

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Daniel Pink: To Sell is Human

As New York Times Bestselling Author Dan Pink lays out in his newest book “To Sell is Human”: If you lead a business, a family, a community, a circus, or heck, if you simply lead your own life, you are in sales.

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Mindie Kniss: Magic Starts Here

Your Call to Adventure series. Mindie Kniss was in Africa when she asked herself the question that would change her life: “What do I really want?” Today she helps others to explore this exact question as a high-in-demand life and relationship coach.

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Lisa Arie: Stop Playing it Safe

The former advertising maven who started and ran two multi-million dollar companies, left a very big life behind to discover her real gift: her gift for helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, pioneers and adventurers through their own personal and professional evolution – by engaging with her horses. Now she’s called the CEO Whisperer.

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Thank you to all our fiery women ancestors!

One hundred years ago 8,000 women had taken to the streets of Washington to claim what they considered to be entitled to: the right to vote. The Suffrage Parade of 1913 did not go so well.

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One Man’s Pursuit of Happiness

How a former CEO and entrepreneur found his footing again in the foothills of Tuscany’s Maremma region. Warning: his story might inspire you to transform your life as well.

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Soaking up Niagara Falls – quite literally!

I am terribly afraid of small planes. Which is peculiar, because I am in one. As I delicately claw my fingers into the leather hand rest, I lean my forehead against the window and risk looking down. Wow, are we close to the ground. Then I remember why I am here: to see Niagara Falls. I relax a little.

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Snapshot Travels: Viennese Opera Ball in New York

Almost 60 years of Austrian tradition celebrated in America: The Viennese Opera Ball at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York enchants with elegant ball gowns and famous waltzing melodies. The N.Y. Times calls the Viennese Opera Ball the most elegant Ball in all America – I agree.

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Sherry Ott: taking a career break works in your favor!

Your Call to Adventure: Only six years after receiving her first passport this former cube dweller left her high-paying job to travel the world for one year. That was 2006 – and Sherry Ott is still on the move. The story of a corporate renegade turned famed travel blogger.

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