“Bettina is a total powerhouse, in the best and highest sense of the word! As a journalist, she is engaging, daring, perceptive, and highly intelligent. It is always a pleasure to be interviewed by Bettina, because she knows how to ask questions that explore, examine, enlighten, and entertain. I find her work consistently of exceptional quality.”

David Darst

Chief Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“Bettina Gordon is an awakened spirit. As a business journalist and filmmaker she explores global consciousness from both an indigenous and 21st century scientific view. Her work brings wisdom, beauty and grace within the realm of mind, body and earth relationships.”

Horst Rechelbacher

Founder, AVEDA and Intelligent Nutrients

“I’ve been dedicated to helping women remember the wisdom of their bodies as their path to health and vitality for many years now. I truly appreciate and support Bettina’s work to bring wisdom and knowledge back to our society so that we can all remember, how truly empowered we all are.”

Christiane Northrup MD

Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, visionary pioneer in women’s health

“Bettina has a unique gift as a journalist. She comes to the table extremely well-prepared with questions that get to the heart of things. She does it with a passion that gets you excited to work with her. With Bettina, it’s not just an interview; it’s a creative exploration where ideas flourish. This makes Bettina a valued member of the inner circle of the Conscious Capitalism Institute.”

Prof. Raj Sisodia

Founder, Conscious Capitalism Institute

“Bettina’s powerful work on consciousness in business is exceptionally timely and important. As Chief Consciousness Officer, I communicate with senior executives everyday who are increasingly seeking deeper meaning in these challenging times, and are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of their employees and consumers. “

Lynnda Pollio

Chief Consciousness Officer at ELEVATE

“Bettina Gordon is a feisty, worldly and courageous visionary whose passion for life has a deep purpose. Endlessly inquisitive, she pursues a wide range of spiritual truths and experiences with seemingly boundless enthusiasm and compassion to validate the relevance of timeless wisdom to a modern world. And she does it with style, clarity, impeccability and integrity.”

Lorraine Simone

Founder, Women’s Ways Mystery School and Moonfire Holistic Center

“Bettina Gordon is that rare combination in a journalist: she’s a smart, tough-minded, and skillful writer, yet she’s open to and knowledgeable about the “non-rational,” the unconventional. Her current investigation into the teachings of various wisdom traditions is important and timely. Thanks to Bettina for bringing them to us now.”

Eric Utne

Founder, Utne Magazine

“Seeing the DVD “All is Made Beautiful” for the first time was awesome! Bettina really captured the essence of what my work is all about. I was portrayed authentically and beautifully in the film and I had a ball doing the video. It’s brilliant.”

Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf

Wisdom Keeper

“I watched Bettina recently on stage at the Conscious Capitalism Conference where she interviewed the high- powered founders of this remarkable movement on Conscious Leadership. I was impressed by her poise, skill and grace and the integrity and intention she brings to her work. I am blessed to know Bettina and I whole- heartedly support her vision to revive ancient knowledge for the 21st century.”

Lawrence Ford

“The Wall Street Shaman”, Executive Vice President Investment Advisor Guided Choice