Video: Conscious Leadership in Practice


John Mackey, founder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods and Bettina Gordon discussing the traits of conscious leaders

So how exactly do they do it?

At the third annual Conscious Capitalism Conference at the prestigious Bentley University outside of Boston, Bettina Gordon had the opportunity to ask three conscious leaders – John Mackey, founder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods, Kip Tindell, founder and CEO of the Container Store, and Marybeth Tahar, Interaction Associates – on how they advance their companies’ performance and mission the conscious way. 

Video shot and edited by George Araneo and team

To watch the whole 3rd annual Conscious Capital Conference 2011 on video click here


Live is short.

This video is not.

Especially not my (Bettina’s) introduction 😉

So to make it easier for you, here are the main questions (and time codes) I posed to the three conscious leaders:

  • How do you define conscious leadership and what does Conscious Leadership mean to you personally? (Min. 8 )
  • Was there one specific advice you’ve gotten from one of your mentors that you attribute to making you the conscious leader that you are today? (Min. 13:30)
  • Do you think that conscious leadership is also  a questions of maturity? Has your value system shifted as you got older? (Min. 24:45)
  • We were talking all morning about the feminization of the business world. Marybeth do you personally see a difference in people’s acceptance of a female leader? (Min. 30) Direct question to Marybeth, then elaborated on by Kip and John.
  • John, you are forgoing your salary at Whole Foods and only make $ 1 a year. Your management team’s salary is also capped at a relatively modest level. Business is still about profit – do you think you could lose talent by doing this? (Min. 40) Kip also comments, Marybeth talks about her experience working for an employee held company.
  • If you are REALLY pressed on time: John Mackey summons up the qualities that make great and effective leaders (Min. 49:50)

Container Store CEO Kip Tindell, Interaction Associates Marybeth Tahar, Whole Foods Co-CEO John Mackey, and publisher Bettina Gordon

We would like to hear YOUR opinion:

  • What are the character traits of a conscious leader?
  • How does their management style influence the company’s success?
  • Who do you consider a conscious leader?

Let us know in the comment section below – we love to hear from you!

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  1. Mindie Kniss says:

    John Mackey is awesome.
    Love what you’re doing here! The conscious business/conscious life convos are so important.
    I’m looking forward to exploring your site!

    • Hi Mindie,

      Thanks for stopping by! I signed up for your newsletter last month and have listened to some of your inspiring and thought provoking Heart-to-Heart interviews already. Very intrigued also to find out more about your own path, so let’s connect!

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