Do you KNOW that there is more to your life than what you currently experience?

Bettina M. Gordon, (c) photo by Nathalie Schueller

Bettina M. Gordon, (c) photo by Nathalie Schueller

Do you KNOW that there is more to your life than what you currently are experiencing?

I certainly do. Or at least one of my body parts does.

I was just reaching for the awesome European butter at this new French restaurant on H Street in DC, when Joshua looked at me and said: “So what does your gut say?”

Not one to shy away from such a question nor to lose sight of the irony of the timing, I generously spread the butter on the baguette, took a humongous bite, washed it down with Cotes du Rhone (after all, if my gut is put to work it should have proper nutrition) and answered: “That it’s time to commit to the deadline of summer 2014”.

That I am wishing for a “dead-line” on my birthday is another one of life’s great ironies. But truth is, I am a journalist for a reason. I love deadlines. I strive on deadlines. I cherish deadlines.  Without them I can be a lazy bum who can waste perfectly good hours, days or even years away. Left to my own devices, I can lollygag and dillydally but NEVER have I missed a deadline for any of the media outlets I worked for in the last decades.

This is why my gut tells me to set my own deadline now. I am scared shitless but my gut is right. It’s time to summon all my courage and do it: I am taking on the mother-load of calls to adventure.

Like you, I too have gone through plenty of transformations in my life, like building a life on a different continent (I am European), kicking-butt in my journalism career, achieving more than I bargained for and even getting married – certainly the biggest transformation of it all for me.

By all intents and purposes I should be super happy and content – and yet, there is something more or different that I am meant to experience and do with my life. By now I am determined to leave no stone unturned, no nook and cranny unchecked to find out what exactly that is.

One calling I’ve danced around for years now, pretending not to hear it and certainly not heeding it. It’s my call to serve, inspire and impact people on a global scale. How? Not quite sure, that will become clear in the next 18 months. I just finally trust that the yearning deep inside me will not steer me wrong. 

What are YOU called to do? What is your next adventure?

I chose the tagline “Your Call to Adventure” inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”. Famed mythologist and writer Campbell spent his whole life steeped in myths from around the world closely studying the narratives. He discovered that these stories follow the same story pattern told in infinitely different ways.

The stories begin with the Call to Adventure, when the hero is summoned by destiny to leave the world she or he knows behind and enter the unknown – a fateful region full of potential treasures, but also danger.

If you are even remotely experiencing what I am experiencing, you’ve heard the call, first in a whisper, then louder and louder. You heard it, but still you distracted yourself jumping back onto your device to answer 200 more emails, burying yourself in work, obligations and activities – or throwing back a few more drinks just to drown out the feeling that you are off kilter. All for a very good reason.

Because what if heeding this call will cost you dearly? After all, what will happen to you if you give up your regular hefty pay-check, your hard earned bonus, your executive perks, the recognition in your industry, your position within your circle of friends, heck, the position within your own family?

Yes, the unknown is a bitch.

That’s why I came up with the idea of a series of interviews with people who have actually already braved the unknown and are successfully on the other side. Nothing wrong with a little adventure-guidance, right?

I’ve lined up an awesome group of go-getters, who have left the traditional success model behind to do something that truly fulfills them (that’s what the calling is all about) and adds great value to the lives of others.  We are discussing topics like: 

What made you take the leap? How did you prepare – or did you even?

How did you deal with giving up money/prestige/power?

How did your employees, friends and family react?

Did you doubt or even regret your choice?

What is your life like today?

Lisa Aeri kicks-off the Your Call to Adventure series!

Lisa Arie kicks-off the Your Call to Adventure series!


To kick-off the 2013 series “Your Call to Adventure” I spoke in great length with Lisa Arie, founder and CEO of Vista Caballo, her cutting-edge innovation ranch in Colorado that uses the tagline “There Are Retreats. And Then There Are Advances™”

Brilliant, I agree.

Lisa started and ran two multi-million dollar advertising companies in New York, L.A. and Texas when she experienced a pivotal moment 12 years ago. She broke down in tears and heard a voice inside telling her: “Go to the horses.” Lisa had her breakdown on a busy street – in Manhattan! Sometimes – or often – the things we feel called to do make no sense at first.

Look for my interview with Lisa in my newsletter next weekend, January 19/20 2013.



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