How Your Brain Influences Your Business

Bettina M. Gordon, photo by Nathalie Schueller

Bettina M. Gordon, photo by Nathalie Schueller

Do you believe you are only modestly creative, innovative and motivated? According to Dr. Srini Pillay you simply may not know how to fire up the corresponding regions in your brain to unleash your creativity in full force. YES, you are a creative powerhouse!

By Bettina M. Gordon

Dr. Srini Pillay is a very busy man. The Harvard medical school professor is the founder and CEO of the NeuroBusiness Group and an expert in a field that is gaining rapid momentum: the application of neuroscience and brain imagery in the world of business.

According to a recent study done by the Gartner Research Group, the implementation of neuroscience into the ways business is conducted and companies are run will expand its market share from one percent (in 2011) to 20 – 25 percent by the year 2025. As a trailblazer in this new approach the NeuroBusiness Group specializes in the integration of neuroscience, business outcomes and psychology.

I caught up with the psychologist and brain expert on one of his rare days at his office at Harvard, just barely hours after he got back from a trip to Monte Carlo (taking frequent trips/vacation to play and give your brain some rest is very conducive for creating break-throughs, by the way).



In this shortened version of our interview Dr. Pillay and I discuss the impact of uncertainty and fear on our brain, and how we can fire up the centers in our brain that are responsible for creativity, innovation and motivation. You will learn:

  • Why it is so important for entrepreneurs and executives to know about brain science – especially if your company goes through uncertain times (research shows that 75 % of your employees will default to a gloom-and-doom thinking).  (Min. 2)
  • Brain based interventions you can use for reorienting individuals or teams in times of uncertainty and crisis. (Min. 5)
  • What to do if you work in a risk-adverse company and now your superiors ask you to become innovative and take risks. (Min. 7)
  • What if fear has taken over and reframing is not an option anymore? How Emotional Introspection, which feels like mindfulness meditation, will change your brain function. (Min. 9:30)
  • How changing our relationship to our thoughts makes us more in control of our actions. (Min. 13)
  • Four questions to ask yourself in order to regain control of a frightening situation. (Min. 15)
  • How you can activate the centers in your brain responsible for innovation, intuition and motivation. (Min. 16:30)
  • Intuition and mirror neurons – why women have an advantage when it comes to intuition.  (Min. 18)
  • In order to be more innovative, we need to release the pre-frontal cortex function (the part of our brain where thoughts and learned/controlled behaviors reside). (Min. 21)
  • Why finding your intrinsic motivation will give you an edge and how to fire up your intrinsic motivation if you’ve lost it. (Min. 24.45)
  • The more you can turn on your possibility-brain, the more you will see what else exists for you. How to “periscope” your brain to have an exceptional life and increase your possibility index (Min. 28)
  • Getting out of your comfort zone: Why your best ideas often come when you travel and do things other than consciously focusing on a project/problem. (Min. 32:50)

The whole 6page interview with Dr. Srini Pillay was printed in the European business magazine FONDS exklusiv. You can read the story (in German) here: FE Dr Srini Pillay 9.2013

Bettina Gordon interview with brain expert Dr. Srini Pillay

Bettina Gordon interviews founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group Dr. Srini Pillay


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