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Thanks for checking out my new website.  I am writing it because I believe in making a difference.  Not just writing and thinking about it – but in doing it.

Here´s why: I write about what inspires me, what troubles me and what I see emerging in the Zeitgeist. In my almost 20 years experience as a journalist (here’s my bio) I noticed I am usually not the only one who is interested in what I write about. To my deep delight, many of the articles I wrote, videos that I shot and stories I told touched my readers and made a difference in their lives, sometimes in tiny ways, sometimes in big ways.

When this first happened, I got hooked. My professional life had found its deep purpose.

Through this site, I am striving to make a difference in your life and your world.  Hopefully a big difference, but I’ll settle even for a small one.

In a broad stroke I know just who you are. Feedback from my readers shows that you are a group of amazing, smart forward thinkers with a sense of humor. You are high achievers with busy careers and full family lives. You believe in rolling up your sleeves to turn yourself into an even better person, professional, leader, parent, child, sibling, pet owner and human wonder. You appreciate the sunlight bouncing off a red and orange colored fall leaf, even if your day is lousy. You understand the interconnectedness of the human experience, even though you sometimes feel all alone. But that usually does not last long. You know you can make a significant shift with the right advice, tools and actions.

For the next couple of months I will focus on a fascinating topic that I see emerging in the business world, which we are all part of in some form or another. This new and exciting topic is conscious business and conscious capitalism. You can read up on the definition and details of conscious capitalism in my interview with Prof. Raj Sisodia, founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute (click here). In a panel discussion during the Conscious Capitalism Conference in Boston last spring I also asked the leaders of this movement – John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and Kip Tindell, CEO of the Container Store – about the characteristics of a conscious leader (watch the video here).

But what I’d really like now is to hear from you:

  • Do you believe that the business world can become a force for the greater good?
  • Would you like to be part of this shift?
  • Would you like to become a (better) conscious leader?
  • If yes, what is your biggest challenge right now?
  • What are your goals, aspirations, desires?
  • What kind of information/people/ideas would help you get there?

You can either leave me a comment below this post or send me an email at newsnewyork ( at )

I look forward to hearing form you!




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