Sherry Ott: taking a career break works in your favor!

Bettina M. Gordon, (c) photo by Nathalie SchuellerYOUR CALL TO ADVENTURE  series by Bettina M. Gordon 

Are you happy and content with the status quo of your life? Or do you hear a little inner voice that nudges you to explore what it is that could energize you every morning, bring a huge smile to your face and would allow you to enjoy a life beyond your wildest dreams? If you are ready to live your own truth rather than somebody else´s – let this series inspire you and show you what’s possible!

Sometimes we just need a new perspective to see what is really possible. This interview series features women and men who answered their inner call to adventure. They now lead lives on their own terms and happily share their insights with us.

I just returned to DC from New York City, where I had the pleasure of attending the Viennese Opera Ball at the Waldorf Astoria hotel (spectacular). This experience came right on the heels of a trip to New Mexico, where I visited Acoma Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited American Indian community in North America. Ancient Native American culture followed by European high-society tradition within a few days – what an awesome ride!

Many of us LOVE to travel but living in a nation where two weeks of vacation per year is the norm, extended travel seems like an unattainable luxury. OR IS IT?

I am really happy to bring you this installment of the “Your Call to Adventure” series featuring Sherry Ott, famed travel blogger of!

Sherry Ott in Nepal

Sherry Ott – from corporate cube dweller to globe trotter. Here she is in Nepal on top of the world.

Sherry’s story is truly unique, as this “modern nomad” (as Canadian TV dubbed her) did not have a passport until age 30! It was not until Sherry first ventured out of the U.S. that she met people who had traveled for months on end, which made her ask: “Could I possibly do that myself as well?”

She decided “Yes, I can!” Sherry strategically planned her future and started saving money to travel the world. Only six years after receiving her passport, this former cubic dweller left her high-paying job as the IT director of a large retailer in New York City behind to travel the globe for one year. That was 2006 – and she has been on the move ever since.

Years on the road trained Sherry became an awesome photographer

Years on the road turned Sherry into an awesome photographer as she proves with this shot from Antarctica. If you’d like to know how she and her father experienced Antarctica and get insider tips, join them on a free webinar on February 13th hosted by ExpeditionTrips and G Travel at 6PM EST.

When Sherry set out on her travels, she had NO IDEA that she would become a famed travel blogger – this job description did not even exist when she first headed out!  Now you can (and should) read her stories on and follow her on facebook.

If you EVER played around with the idea of taking a career break to travel the world and then using this experience to YOUR ADVANTAGE with future employers upon your return, listen in at minute 21 of my video interview with Sherry when she talks about her website The site is dedicated to showing professionals how they can do exactly that.

This community of likeminded folks is coming together again on February 20th in New York City and if you are anywhere close, I highly suggest you don’t miss the event!

I reached Sherry while she was in Buenos Aires and we had a frank talk about the awesomeness and challenges of heeding your call to adventure and being on the road for six years now. I truly enjoyed and appreciated Sherry’s openness, honesty and sense of humor.

Enjoy what’s possible!



How I met Sherry: the famous Schnitzel story.

How I met Sherry: the famous Schnitzel story.

The first time I came across Sherry’s website was about a year ago when I read her spot-on story on the intricacies of eating a Wiener Schnitzel, a delicacy of my home country Austria! Being a total sucker of anything Schnitzel I immediately “followed” this woman as she tracked from New York to Antarctica, from Buenos Aires to Patagonia. Then I started to dig deeper and discovered her unusual life story. Sherry truly is a perfect example of what can happen if we heed the call to adventure and trust in our abilities to figure things out as we go along.

Mongolia, great stories

Ever wanted to horse track across Mongolia? I DO and I WILL!

One of my favorite reads on Sherry’s site: Her travels through Mongolia and the Mongol Rally.

honing her skill on the roadllll

Sherry was nothing more than an amateur when she first set out on her journeys. But while on the road she tirelessly honed her skills as a photographer.  Even though she still does not call herself a professional photographer, I beg to differ: her photos from around the globe are truly beautiful and capture the essence of the locations and people.


taking oof

In case you are sick of your job check this out.



When Sherry returned from Antarctica she published a photo blog called “Mother Nature is in Charge


if you can go to the south of the world, you can go anywhere!

If you can travel to the southern most continent on earth, you can go anywhere! ExpeditionTrips will safely bring you to the penguins. Is this a fun photo or what?


See you on the road!!

Inspired enough to pack your bags? Great, we’ll see you on the road!!



To view more of Sherry’s awesome photos click here. 


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  1. Sherry Ott says:

    Thanks for this great write up Bettina! It was fun talking to you from Buenos Aires!

    • Sherry, I am very happy that I could bring your story to my community, so thanks for jumping on the shaky Skype call with me 😉 I am a STRONG believer that pushing ourselves a bit and getting out of our comfort zone and into the world (literally) is the best recipe for personal growth and joy in our lives. You are a great example of what can happen when we get ourselves on the road and figure things out as we go along. If I can support you and your work going forward, please let me know!

  2. Britney says:

    Great read! I want to do this so bad, is there a MeetPlanGo event coming to Toronto this year?

    • Hi Britney, great question, let me check with Sherry and get back to you! Coincidentally I saw the announcement for a big travel writing conference in Toronto a couple of days ago. The conference is in June, so here’s just FYI: … pls check back for Sherry’s answer on MeetPlanGo, cheers, Bettina

    • Sherry Ott says:

      Britney – I’m not sure yet. In the past two years we have held an event in Toronto – but we may be changing the format a little and instead make the event longer (a full day) but only in a few select cities. If you follow and sign up for the newsletter that will keep you updated. We normally don’t have our bigger events until the fall though – so most likely Oct. 2013. In the meantime – we do offer online classes.
      And if you want to do it – then you can and I promise you it will be a rewarding experience. We put up so many road blocks to getting what we want – but all can be overcome if you want something bad enough!

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