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Baby, You've Got This! 4-week Fertility Mindset Mastery ONLINE program

Shift Your Mindset, Shift Your Outcome ❤️ 

Created by seasoned mental strength trainer and bestselling author of "The Joy of Later Motherhood" Bettina Gordon-Wayne—herself a first-time mom at 44 and the third generation of women in her family who did not get the memo that conceiving a baby after 40 is "risky", if not outright impossible—this 4-weeks online course offers:

5 Modules, 15 Hours of Content. This 4-week online course called "Baby, You've Got This!" offers:

Module One: Your Age. You'll walk away with a radically different perspective on getting older - your age is NOT the number one predictor of your fertility nor shall it hinder your success to conceive.

Module Two: Your Mind.  Science tells you today, that the health of your mind is as important as the health of your body when trying to conceive. I'll guide you out of the negativity spiral, help you silence your inner critique, and develop a strong and supportive mind towards yourself and your journey. 

Module Three: Your Body. Learn tactics and strategies to use the mind-body connection to lower stress levels and calm the nervous system to make pregnancy possible. Get my best tips to turn your body from a "broken foe" to a trusted ally (my cancer journey taught me A LOT in that regard).

Module Four: Your Spirit. This module is a fan favorite! I'll teach you scientifically proven ways to bring back hope and joy to this journey. We dive deeper into the spiritual - you know the saying "Man plans God laughs" right? Well, we'll talk divine timing, Spirit Babies, and how choosing faith over fear can pave the path to meeting your Baby halfway!

Module Five: LIfedesign. This module spans from actionable advice on how to keep your relationships strong and navigate social settings to also addressing the Big Elephant in the room: how to find happiness and meaning in your life regardless of the outcome.  

This 4-week long online course offers 5 modules with 15+ hours of teachings, expert interviews, and stories of hope.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied after watching Module One, we'll give you a full refund on the course. Just send an email to hello @bettinagordon.com within the first seven days after purchasing the course before Module Two is released. 

What People Are Saying:

After an almost 8 year journey, with countless treatments and practitioners, doing Bettina's course was like a breath of fresh air. It renewed my hope, trust, and knowing that my baby is coming. It helped me to connect more deeply with my intuition, find clarity, and create new boundaries and new action plans. This is a truly empowering and inspiring course for 40+ mamas-to-be that beautifully encompasses the three pillars of Body, Mind, and Spirit that are crucial on the fertility journey. And Bettina is the kind of guide you want cheering you on, a force to be reckoned with, passionate, wise, and full of love. I highly recommend Bettina's wonderful course. It may not only change your journey, it may in fact change your life.

Molly, Los Angeles