Healthy babies past 35 or even 40?

YES, let me show you how! 

The Joy of Later Motherhood is Calling YOU

Do you know deep down that you are meant to be a Mom even at your "advanced maternal age"? 

Or has all the negative messaging around your age gotten to you by now? 

Trying to conceive and create LIFE inside our bodies should be one of the most magical and joyous times of our lives. Period. Unless you approach 35, or heaven forbid 40 and beyond, then the baby-making journey becomes wrought with fear inducing messages from just about everybody and their grandmother. 

  • Have you been told that "at your age" it will be difficult to conceive? That your FSH is too high and your AMH too low?
  • That your eggs are getting (very) old and you need to hurry to not miss another month?
  • Have you maybe asked yourself: "Will I miscarry like my sister and best friend? Am I infertile all together?", and, the mother-load question:
  • "Did I squander my chances away by not trying sooner? Am I the one to blame if it doesn't work?" 

Once you were cool about your age and your journey, but as the months and maybe years went on, it's getting harder to keep an optimistic attitude. Quite frankly, there are triggers everywhere:  from the pregnant woman on the street to your social media feed filled with pictures of ultrasounds, gender reveal parties and newborns.

By now you've become all too familiar with feelings of shame, guilt, disappointment, jealousy, competitiveness and feeling alone and not understood - even by the people closest to you. You've tried just about everything, from the boring gluten-soy-dairy-meets-joy-free diet, to acupuncture, to Mayan massages, castor oil packs, supplements that smell so strongly it makes your toes curl, to chanting in your baby with candles, crystals and burning sage. 

And then there is the next birthday looming just around the corner. 

Do you lose sleep because you feel there is a ticking time bomb in your body ready to go off on you?


I was 40 when my husband of two years and I decided to go for it - go for conceiving our baby and starting a family. So we ditched the contraceptives and jumped whole heartedly into the baby-making journey for a whole year.

And did we get pregnant? Nope. Nada. Nothing. 

I had only three letters for this: WTF?

Was it true, that fertility sharply declines after 35 and basically goes into free fall after 40? Was it too late now for us?

If Joshua, my husband, and I would have gone to an infertility specialist at this point, two things would have happened:

1) We would have been scolded by the Doctor for having waited so long to seek medical help. And we would have been labeled with "unexplained infertility" since there was nothing physically wrong with us. (Has that happened to you too?)

2) My age would have been blamed as the culprit for us not getting pregnant and we would have been pushed right into fertility treatments like in-vitro-fertilization (IVF), possibly even right into the use of donor eggs as evidently my eggs were old and my body not fertile anymore according to conventional medical wisdom. (Sound familiar?)

Eventually, we decided against seeking treatment at a fertility clinic, which turned out to be a smart move. Because that way we were not influenced by the medical community and not pushed into the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology, which can be a huge blessing for some and a really expensive source of pain and disappointment for others. 

Instead I went on a multi-year quest to figure out what's truly blocking my fertility, which resulted in me getting pregnant quickly and easily when we tried again at 43, and naturally delivering a healthy baby boy at 44.  

And that's why I can tell you with absolute certainty: 

While the majority of doctors, infertility specialists, media representatives and internet websites are still proclaiming that age is the biggest predictor of your success to become pregnant this is simply not true.

Yes. You read this correctly. Your age is NOT the verdict on your fertility! 

I Know This First Hand

I am the third generation of women in my family who had healthy children in their 40s.

I was 43 when I became pregnant very quickly after the multi-year quest I had been on to super charge my fertility.

Almost two months after my 44th birthday I gave birth naturally to a healthy, strong baby boy.

We named him Hunter. 

(My husband wanted to name our boy Pick, Link, or Tiberius. I could not let that happen ;))

 Hi, I am Bettina

I am a seasoned journalist, certified mental strength trainer, and author of the bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood.

In this book I share the stories and advice of women over 40 who all had natural pregnancies and healthy babies to show other women of “advanced maternal age” what is possible and, in fact, perfectly natural.

Writing this book was a personal mission for me. 

Because, most importantly, I am a lot like you. A woman who had the dream and desire to start her family at an age others think we can't do any longer. 

To which I want all of us to reply: WATCH ME!


So why did I - YEARS after our first attempt and significantly older by now - get pregnant so easily this time around?  Because I had cracked the code on how to make my success to conceive a "done deal". 

The Mind-Body Connection is REAL

Let me ease some of the pressure with this simple truth:

Sure, our bodies age and at some point a woman's reproductive years come to an end. But when this time comes is simply NOT determined by her age alone but by a woman's overall physical, mental and emotional health, and her genes, lifestyle and dietary choices.

Your chronological age (as per your birth certificate) and our biological age (how quickly or slowly your body has aged) can be YEARS apart, as it is in my case. 

A 45 year old woman can be healthier and more fertile than a 25 year old, as we see more and more.  

Menopause was usually something women in their 50's went through, now we see women in their 40's and even 30's go through it. Many couples in their 30's and 20's struggle to get pregnant at an age they should be conceiving easily. In fact, American fertility rate fell to a record low in 2016. 1 in 8 couples in the US struggle with infertility - regardless of age. (Please read Preface II in my book on why this is happening)

There is another truth my dear, one that the modern medical community, Dr. Google, and others completely overlook: when it comes to getting pregnant - to creating life - usually the focus of all people involved is squarely on the physical aspect of conception - often with the attitude that the body is broken and needs to be fixed.

All the while your biggest asset in the whole equation goes untapped: 



Seriously, I bet you've spent a lot more time and energy on your diet or the amount of supplements you take, than on the negative self-talk that's going on in the privacy of your mind. 

You surely know how bad chronic inflammation, for example - induced by chronic stress - is for your body. But do you know that you pollute and inflame your body just as quickly and effectively through toxic thoughts and negativity?

What do you think happens when you beat yourself up for being TOO OLD, infertile, and "can't even do what every women is designed to do"?

You are smart, you know about the mind-body connection. But have you considered that the thoughts you think - especially if there are some big emotions attached to it - start a biochemical process in the body that either supports or hinders your ability to get pregnant?

Even though most of us are aware of the importance of our mind and our thoughts, we are not trained to harness these powers to our benefit. And we completely forget about the mind-body connection when we are swept up into the roller coaster of TTC (trying to conceive)!

The result can be detrimental. 

When I interviewed Dr. Christiane Northrup - world renowned women's health pioneer and multiple NY Times bestselling author who wrote "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" - for my book, she said something to me that I will never forgot: "Women are making (thinking) themselves infertile and they don't even know it!" 

Please take this in:

Your body responds to every thought you think and every emotion you hold with a biochemical reaction that either supports or hinders your fertility - mastering your mind and your emotions is key to bringing home your baby!


Baby, You've Got This!


A  Custom Tailored Coaching Package 




A 1-ON-1 CUSTOM TAILORED COACHING PACKAGE on how to create an "ageless" attitude; harness your mindset so it actually supports rather than hinders you; and gets your body into the fearless fertility mode it was designed for.

IN THIS PROGRAM I'll share the results of my professional years-long research into the connection between your mind and your fertility in a 4-hour long VIP deep dive session and two subsequent 30-minutes long follow-up sessions. 

DISTILLED INTO AN EASY TO FOLLOW PROTOCOL. I've used my personal experience as well as the experience of the 100's of women I've interviewed in the last decade (and, again, all the research I did on the topic) to perfect a step-by-step plan that sets you up for a more joyous and successful baby journey.

In our VIP half-day (and follow-up sessions) together we'll focus on YOU and YOUR well being. YOU take center stage so the baby can follow.

Our time together is transformational ...

💫 Imagine Your Life in Only A Few Short Hours From Now! 💫

In our half day together we dive deep into the mind-body connection. You'll learn how to 

  • turn your age and your fertility struggles from a perceived weakness into a true strength
  • effectively say "sayonara" to fear, guilt, and doubt and their ugly cousins. 
  • stop looking over your shoulder towards the past (and all the things that happened there) as well as how to stop future tripping with all the imaginary "what-if" scenarios. 
  • stay in the only time that matters for your baby - your here and now - so you can take the next best step on your journey.
  • be joyful and genuinely happy when the next pregnancy announcements come in or your younger relative invites you to her baby shower. 

How would you like to fall in love with your body so passionately that you can't walk by a mirror without giving yourself an adoring look? Even if the mirror hangs in the waiting room of a fertility clinic?

According to Oriental medicine your body is the temple your baby will reside in - so let's make it as welcoming as a 5-star hotel! Let me guide you on how to

  • eliminate the harmful influences on your body coming from the environment
  • make your home a safe and hormone-disrupter free zone
  • nourish your beautiful body from the inside out
  • fall in love with your feminine fire and power  

Sometimes even the most patient of us get derailed when the excitement of possibly being pregnant turns into the agony of the dreaded two weeks wait. Let's be honest, this is half of our lives that we spent in waiting and hoping before the dark feelings and negative thoughts take over (which we have dispersed in month 1 already, I am just making a point here).

Together we find the best techniques that suit YOUR personality to 

  • reduce stress in your life by activating your body's healing system and firing it on all cylinders.
  • connect to the divine (whatever that means to you) and your intuition and inner wisdom.
  • learn to trust that what is happening is not happening to you but for you.
  • ditch the calendar and embrace divine time. 

Yes, I am ready for "Baby You've Got this!"

I want to move towards motherhood with peace and happiness.

VIP 1-on-1 Deep Dive

Five hours of laser-focused mindset shifts tailored to your specific needs.  

How is it to work with Bettina?

Tara, 40, who lives in the U.S., on the transformation she went through when she said "YES"


"I’ve been a therapist for 20 years and have personally worked with hundreds of women – but when I am the one who needs support and coaching, I turn to Bettina. She’s truly a gifted coach. Through her skillful questioning, honed over decades in journalism, she helps me to go to the core of my issue and fears, define my next best step and take action quickly and boldly. "

Katharina, 39, therapist, entrepreneur and mother of a 11-months old girl, GERMANY

Every Woman Needs a Champion

YOU deserve a WORLD CLASS COACH who has been on your journey and beat the odds herself

Let me paint a picture: a picture of a woman whose life unfolded a bit differently than that of most others.

At the beginning, it was not so different yet. There was school, college, the first jobs and forays into the world of business or creative endeavors. Then something happened: maybe a fascinating post-graduate program opened up, or a  big career opportunity came along or maybe you moved to another country (as it was in my case) that put you on a different trajectory than most of the girls you grew up with. 

Instead of finding love, settling down and having babies, something happened that elevated your life from ordinary to extraordinary (which doesn't always mean easy :-)) and you followed this path. 

You became (or perfected being one) a go-getter, an adventurer, a lovable type-A personality. A woman who got back up on her feet every time life knocked her down. A woman who is in control and takes charge, the one who is called on by others to put out the proverbial fires at work, the community or the family. A woman others come to seek council and advice from. 

But where are YOU going for counseling?

Who do you YOU open up to with such a personal and intimate desire as the one for a baby? Especially if it's not happen right away or if you choose IVF and there's still no baby?

Who is supporting YOU through the darkest hours?

These are the same questions I asked myself many years ago when Joshua and I went through our fertility challenge. 

Back then, I didn't have anybody other than my husband to deeply share what was going on. 

Which was not good. Because, really, how much can you unload on your partner before the relationships gets hurt?

And that's another reason why I created this 3-months personal 1-on-1 coaching program. It will radically free up most of the "baggage" you've shared with your husband or partner - so you and him (or her) can focus on simply being together and enjoying each others company again without an agenda!



I am your “Mature Motherhood Mindmaster” and my role is to EXPERTLY guide and support you to experience hope and joy (again) on your journey and to listen to your inner wisdom as you make decisions that are best for you.

As a certified mental strength trainer my expertise is with our beautiful and often mysterious minds that hold power over our bodies and our ability to conceive. It's called the Biology of Belief and it is real. 

Besides, I know first hand how powerful our minds can be because my own contradictory thoughts kept me from getting pregnant for the whole year we first tried to conceive.

As a mentor and trusted guide, my intention is to help you identify - with crystal clarity - what’s keeping you from having the family you want. And then moving past your blocks. 

Never give up on your dream. Age is a number, not your destiny!


"Bettina and I first connected after I read her book The Joy of Later Motherhood, which I LOVED. I had recently lost two pregnancies, one at 8 weeks another one at 10 weeks and dealt with the confusing feelings that come from loss and being an older woman trying to become a Mom. When I was pregnant again at 42 I experienced another set of feelings that younger women might not have. Every day seemed to offer its own unique subconscious challenges but because of Bettina I knew that I was not alone with my feelings and I felt hope again. I so appreciated her positivity and strength! "

Skyla, 43, mom to 1-year old daughter, CANADA
PS: I loved being pregnant and had the best pregnancy ever!

"Becoming a mother over 40 has its challenges, regardless of if we birth babies ourselves or if we welcome children into our lives in different ways. Bettina helped me tremendously when I first – and quickly – became a “bonus mom” to two beautiful girls. Bettina is funny, smart, encouraging, and she coaches from her heart, not just her smart mind, which makes it so much more effective."

Katrin, 47, real estate investor and mom of 2, AUSTRIA

One word of caution before you go, my darling, as I've seen this multiple times by now and it breaks my heart every single time:

Some women still think that a strong mindset and healthy emotions which bring you THAT MUCH closer to your baby are "nice to haves" but are not essential to their journey. They still believe that the body rules and if they get the body "under control" pregnancy will happen. 

I meet these women, we have on-target interactions, but when it comes to leaping forward, they pull the breaks.

They say they don't have the money, time, energy etc. for a program. I see they are scared and overwhelmed and using excuses to just stay where they are - because even if in pain, this is the familiar place and pattern: looking for someone (an infertility specialist at a clinic, usually) to fix them from the outside. Giving the power over to somebody else... 

...instead of doing the necessary work on the inside that will bring them their baby. 

When they eventually return to me, the situation is usually more dire than it was when we first met. Time has passed, wounds have deepened, negative patterns have solidified, and relationships are now on the rocks. 

It does not have to be that way.

Together we can move mountains.

Commit to your inner transformation NOW and make your dream come true.

High-Class athletes have had mental strength trainers for decades because there's a lot at stake. 

For you, the stakes are even higher. 

YES, I want to meet my baby half way!

Follow proven strategies to keep your mind at ease and your reserve strong.

VIP 1-on-1 Deep Dive

FIVE hours of laser-focused mindset shifts tailored to your specific needs!



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