The Joy of Later Motherhood is Calling YOU

   Do you know deep down that you are meant to be a Mom even at your "advanced maternal age"? 

Or has all the negative messaging around your age gotten to you by now? 

Trying to conceive and create LIFE inside our bodies should be one of the most magical and joyous times of our lives. Period. Unless you approach 35, or heaven forbid 40 and beyond, then the baby-making journey becomes wrought with fear inducing messages from just about everybody and their grandmother. 

  • Have you been told that "at your age" it will be difficult to conceive? That your FSH is too high and your AMH too low?
  • That your eggs are getting (very) old and you need to hurry to not miss another month?
  • Have you maybe asked yourself: "Will I miscarry like my sister and best friend? Am I infertile all together?", and, the mother-load question:
  • "Did I squander my chances away by not trying sooner? Am I the one to blame if it doesn't work?" 

Once you were cool about your age and your journey, but as the months and maybe years went on, it's getting harder to keep an optimistic attitude. Quite frankly, there are triggers everywhere:  from the pregnant woman on the street to your social media feed filled with pictures of ultrasounds, gender reveal parties and newborns.

By now you've become all too familiar with feelings of shame, guilt, disappointment, jealousy, competitiveness and feeling alone and not understood - even by the people closest to you. You've tried just about everything, from the boring gluten-soy-dairy-meets-joy-free diet, to acupuncture, to Mayan massages, castor oil packs, supplements that smell so strongly it makes your toes curl, to chanting in your baby with candles, crystals and burning sage. 

And then there is the next birthday looming just around the corner. 

Do you lose sleep because you feel there is a ticking time bomb in your body ready to go off on you?


I was 40 when my husband of two years and I decided to go for it - go for conceiving our baby and starting a family. So we ditched the contraceptives and jumped whole heartedly into the baby-making journey for a whole year.

And did we get pregnant? Nope. Nada. Nothing. 

I had only three letters for this: WTF?

Was it true, that fertility sharply declines after 35 and basically goes into free fall after 40? Was it too late now for us?

If Joshua, my husband, and I would have gone to an infertility specialist at this point, two things would have happened:

1) We would have been scolded by the Doctor for having waited so long to seek medical help. And we would have been labeled with "unexplained infertility" since there was nothing physically wrong with us. (Has that happened to you too?)

2) My age would have been blamed as the culprit for us not getting pregnant and we would have been pushed right into fertility treatments like in-vitro-fertilization (IVF), possibly even right into the use of donor eggs as evidently my eggs were old and my body not fertile anymore according to conventional medical wisdom. (Sound familiar?)

Eventually, we decided against seeking treatment at a fertility clinic, which turned out to be a smart move. Because that way we were not influenced by the medical community and not pushed into the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology, which can be a huge blessing for some and a really expensive source of pain and disappointment for others. 

Instead I went on a multi-year quest to figure out what's truly blocking my fertility, which resulted in me getting pregnant quickly and easily when we tried again at 43, and naturally delivering a healthy baby boy at 44.  

And that's why I can tell you with absolute certainty: 

While the majority of doctors, infertility specialists, media representatives and internet websites are still proclaiming that age is the biggest predictor of your success to become pregnant this is simply not true.

Yes. You read this correctly. Your age is NOT the verdict on your fertility! 

Shift Your Mindset, Shift Your Outcome ❤️

Baby, You've Got This! 

4-week Fertility Mindset Mastery Online Course

The course consists of 5 modules focused on Age, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Life design. Modul 1 about Age is immediately available after purchase. Subsequent modules are released once per week. The course consists of 15+ hours of video lessons, interviews with experts, and stories of hope. 

Created by seasoned mental strength trainer and journalist Bettina Gordon-Wayne—herself a first-time mom at 44 and the third generation of women in her family who did not get the memo that conceiving a baby after 40 is "risky", if not outright impossible—this course offers:

  • A radical mind-shift for moms-to-be over 40 - your age is NOT your biggest hurdle but potentially your biggest asset!
  • A 40-year-old woman can be healthier and more fertile than a 25-year-old as you'll learn in this course. 
  • Tactics and strategies to use the mind-body connection to tremendously lower your stress level and calm your nervous system - the prerequisite for pregnancy. 
  • My best tips to turn your body from a "broken foe" to a trusted ally (my cancer journey taught me A LOT in that regard).
  • Scientifically proven ways to boost your joy and hope on your journey towards motherhood. 
  • Actionable advice on how to keep your relationships strong and navigate social settings. 
  • We'll also address the Big Elephant in the room: how to find happiness and meaning in your life regardless of the outcome. 
  • Be part of a community of women who are on a similar journey. Women your age who understand what you are going through and have your best interest at heart

What the course is NOT: this is not a substitute for medical advice concerning any physical challenges - I am a Mind Mastery trainer, and won't give medical advice. We'll be focused on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing instead!

The course curriculum focuses on the three pillars of Well-being: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

"I had been feeling alone and a bit lost on my fertility journey. When I heard about Bettina's course I instantly knew it was the right thing to do.  I am 43 and following a couple of miscarriages and broken relationships, I was feeling quite disillusioned and lost as to what step to take next on my fertility journey.  On Bettina's course, I not only met amazing women on the same journey, but I've also restored my hope in becoming a mother, and I've learned incredibly valuable skills in reframing my mind for joy, not just in motherhood, but in finding everyday joy in my life. Bettina's course is packed with wisdom and strategy, and I loved her Stories of Hope series. If you are on the fence, I'd say jump and sign up NOW, you will not regret it."

Shirley, 43, New Zealand


 Hi, I am Bettina,

I am a seasoned journalist, certified Mental Strength trainer, and author of the bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood - and first-time mom at age 44!

It took over 4 years from the moment I said "Yes, I'd like to have a child" to the moment I held my boy Hunter in my arms for the first time.

And in these years, I learned a most valuable lesson:

Pregnancy is not just a physical affair, pregnancy is also a mental, emotional, and even spiritual affair. In fact, the mental and emotional well-being of a woman is actually the precursor to her pregnancy! 

But how can you stay hopeful and open and even joyful on a journey that may be the hardest and most trying experience you've ever gone through?

That was my challenge - is it yours too?

That's why I use my expertise as a Mental Strength Trainer to focus specifically on the fertility journey - to make YOUR journey easier, more peaceful, and less trying. 

That's why I created this course, full of my best advice and expertise, honed over years of coaching women 40+ on their path towards their babies.  

I can't guarantee you a baby after the 4 weeks of the course, but I can assure you that your journey towards your baby will be utterly transformed for the MUCH better ❤️.


The Mind-Body Connection is REAL


There is a truth my dear, one that the modern medical community, Dr. Google, and others completely overlook: when it comes to getting pregnant - to creating life - usually, the focus of all people involved is squarely on the physical aspect of conception - often with the attitude that the body is broken and needs to be fixed.

All the while your biggest asset in the whole equation goes untapped: 



Seriously, I bet you've spent a lot more time and energy on your diet or the number of supplements you take, than on the negative self-talk that's going on in the privacy of your mind. 

You surely know how bad chronic inflammation, for example - induced by chronic stress - is for your body. But do you know that you pollute and inflame your body just as quickly and effectively through toxic thoughts and negativity?

What do you think happens when you beat yourself up for being TOO OLD, infertile, and "can't even do what every woman is designed to do"?

You are smart, you know about the mind-body connection. But have you considered that the thoughts you think - especially if there are some big emotions attached to them - start a biochemical process in the body that either supports or hinders your ability to get pregnant?

Even though most of us are aware of the importance of our minds and our thoughts, we are not trained to harness these powers to our benefit. And we completely forget about the mind-body connection when we are swept up into the roller coaster of TTC (trying to conceive)!

The result can be detrimental. 

Please take this in:

Your body responds to every thought you think and every emotion you hold with a biochemical reaction that either supports or hinders your fertility - mastering your mind and your emotions is key to bringing home your baby!

"After an almost 8 year journey, with countless treatments and practitioners, doing Bettina's course was like a breath of fresh air. It renewed my hope, trust and knowing that my baby is coming. It helped me to connect more deeply with my intuition, find clarity, create new boundaries and new action plans. This is a truly empowering and inspiring course for 40+ mamas-to-be that beautifully encompasses the three pillars of Body, Mind and Spirit that are crucial on the fertility journey. And Bettina is the kind of guide you want cheering you on, a force to be reckoned with, passionate, wise and full of love. I highly recommend Bettina's wonderful course. It may not only change your journey, it may in fact change your life."

Molly, 44, Los Angeles

Elke, 46, Germany, on "Baby, You've Got This"


Only 10 spots are available - reserve your space NOW as we run this program only twice a year.

"Bettina’s program "Baby, You've Got This!" really helped change my perspective, actually my whole outlook on my future!  For at least a few years now I’ve felt that I had to achieve motherhood a certain way or else I’d be a failure— I’d have wasted all the time, money, and effort I’ve been putting into it. Earlier in the year I came so close to achieving my dream, and then it all came crashing down around me.  I had emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.  I lost my baby and my Fallopian tube.  My body and my heart were broken. I had been thinking about counseling but wanted to find someone who really “got” me and understood what I was going through.  Bettina “gets” it, and the other women in the course— they “get” it too!  One of the highlights for me was hearing the other women’s stories and realizing I’m not as alone as I thought.  Bettina’s heartfelt videos helped me reframe my fertility struggles. I had been fighting for so long, and Bettina gave me permission to draw the line in the sand.  Now, I’ve come to know that I don’t need to fight anymore.  I know that whatever happens or doesn’t happen— I will be ok."

Kathleen, 42, Texas

"I’ve been a therapist for 20 years and have personally worked with hundreds of women – but when I am the one who needs support and coaching, I turn to Bettina. She’s truly a gifted coach. Through her skillful questioning, honed over decades in journalism, she helps me to go to the core of my issue and fears, define my next best step and take action quickly and boldly. "

Katharina, 39, therapist, entrepreneur and mother of a 11-months old girl, GERMANY

High-Class athletes have had mental strength trainers for decades because there's a lot at stake. 

For you, the stakes are even higher. 


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