Your Best Life Is Right Around The Corner

Your Choices of Today Determine Your Tomorrow 

Wherever you are on your journey, let me assure you, it's NEVER TOO LATE to create a life you actually love!

But how do we get to where we want to go? How have others successfully navigated the same waters of change we are in now?

That's the question I've pursued for years now. 

That's why I've prepared six amazing interviews (initially conducted for my online summit) for you with women who completely re-invented themselves in their 40s and 50s - three of them by choice, three of them because the circumstances forced them to.


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It's Never Too Late To Become Your Best Self 

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Setting Boundaries Will Set Your Free

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Fertile at Any Age in Life and Business

Kristen Noel was the mother of a toddler when she watched in horror - on national TV - the footage of her own husband being handcuffed at his office and taken into custody by police for securities fraud. 

Nancy Levin was the event coordinator for Hay House, the world's largest self-help publishing house when her husband sent her a text that gave her chills: "I read your journals. There will be hell to pay when you get home."

Swiss-born Claudia Spahr was a high-flying television reporter in London, reporting on world events and mingling with head-of-states when she was called into her boss's office - and fired on the spot for no other reason than being a woman.

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Break Through Your Comfort Zone to Realize Your Dream

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Shame to Triumph: Using Hardship To Your Advantage

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Take The Leap - from HR Executive to Shaman

Bella Moline had a flourishing career as a stage and film actress in Germany, when she followed her dream to go to Hollywood - where, to her surprise, nobody cared about her past success and reinvention was on the horizon.

Marie-Clare Cates was 16 and pregnant when her parents sent her from Haiti to the United States to raise her child by herself. At 40, Marie-Claire realized her own time has come - entrepreneurship was her calling! 

Julie Hannon had prestige, money, and an impressive career as an executive in the pharma industry, when she made a choice that would radically change her world - and you won't believe what she's doing today. 

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Stay rebellious,


Immediate access to 6 Women, 1 Goal: A Life She Loves to Live!

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Hi, I am Bettina. I am a journalist, author, mental strength trainer and I know a thing or two about navigating change and finding my groove after 40.

  • At age 43 I realized I want to become a mom after all and birthed my son soon after blowing out the candles of my next birthday cake.
  • At age 46 I decided to write my first book, which became a bestseller.
  • At age 48 I had a bout with breast cancer. I, quite literally, cleaned up my body, mind, and emotions and determined that I shall live cancer-free for the next five decades. At least.
  • At age 50 I decided to do something that's usually reserved for 15-year olds - I became a YouTuber! Still finding my sea legs but inching steadily towards success ;-)


Now I can't wait to see what's next!

I'm wildly curious about my future, yes, but I'm also not oblivious to society's judgment that at my age I should actually be over the hill already. 

You know exactly what I'm talking about, right?

Let’s be frank, we are living in a youth-obsessed culture that suggests women have reached their zenith in their mid-30s, and then it’s all downhill from there. Less fertile, less youthful, less visible, less valuable…

This is ridiculous, yes, but also deeply ingrained in our female psyche, as we’ve grown up with this type of ageism all our lives.

And because we are so used to it, we often don’t even realize when we’ve succumbed to prejudices around age.

Where in your life have you already given up on a dream because you thought you are too old by now?

What have you given up on in your 30s, 40s, or 50s?

  • The dream of having a child and a family?
  • Of changing careers or starting all over again?
  • Of making really good money and becoming wealthy?
  • Of writing a book and publishing a book?
  • Have you given up on love and settled for the relationship at hand?
  • Your dream for a certain kind of body, or a certain kind of lifestyle?

I created the It’s Never Too Late YouTube channel (the podcast is coming soon) to bring about a radical mindset shift in how we think about women and aging. Let's be clear, mature women are in the PRIME of their lives!

I interview female mavericks who have done something extraordinary at a time in their lives others say “Oh, I can’t do that anymore” in the areas of
  • Career & Business
  • Health & Adventure
  • Love & Motherhood

My mission is to help YOU be the strongest, healthiest, most confident, radiant, and wise version of yourself you can be. The world needs you!

Oh, and when we do go over the hill, then it's on a pair of skis in the mountains of Montana or the Austrian Alps, right?! 

Stay rebellious,


Immediate access to 6 Women, 1 Goal: A Life She Loves to Live!