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My Year of Getting Younger

Spring 2023 - Spring 2024


Join me - journalist, certified mental strength trainer, mom, and former cancer patient - on my quest to turn back the biological clock of time.  

While my chronological age is getting "up there" I'm learning how to intentionally slow down my body's aging process to get literally "Younger with Age" using science and lifestyle changes (but NO crazy gimmicks or bio-hacks). I'll share my best tips and proven strategies here with my community.

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with Bettina Gordon-Wayne

Mom at 44; Author at 46; Cancer-Kicker at 48; Age defyer at 53

Join me on the Journey!

What if I told you that on your next birthday, you could be YOUNGER than you are today?


Would you think I’m nuts and tell me that it’s impossible to reverse aging?


Or would you be intrigued and want to know if it's indeed possible to slow down the aging process?


Ah, aging, the natural process we don’t really think about until we enter our 40s and 50s, when...

  • Many of us notice this strange midlife bulge that once was a flat tummy.
  • We start feeling more tired and sluggish and trudge through our daily chores rather than being excited about our life.
  • Our once robust libido seems to have left the building.
  • The demands of career, partners, children, and extended family - amidst a global pandemic, no less - stressed and aged us like crazy.
  • We may have had a brush with age-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer already, or seen others our age suffer and even die from them as I have.

Wouldn’t you then want to learn how to reboot your system, minimize your risks of disease, and rejuvenate your body after 40?


If your curiosity is piqued, stay longer here with me and learn how to intentionally slow down the aging process of your body and reap all the benefits of getting younger with age:

  • Reclaim the youthfulness, health, energy, and zest for life that you once had or want to keep.
  • Look and feel really beautiful from the inside out without the anti-aging hype of products that don’t work in the long run - and can actually age you even more.
  • Get ready for the next phase in your life and make your dream – maybe a new career, maybe a new baby, or everything in between – a reality.

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Sure, your Realistic You may chime in to say: “Bettina, that's BS. None of us are getting any younger!”


Look, when I heard the first person say to me that they were going to reverse aging, I rolled my eyes and secretly thought they were outright delusional. And afraid of aging.

Then three things happened in my life:

  • I had my child at age 44 and vowed to live to 100, at least, because if my son is as slow with parenthood as me, I’ll be 88 when the first grandchild arrives. I want to change the baby’s diapers, not my own. 
  • I started to research my first book and dove deep into the science of longevity and the key factors for health and wellness over 40. I learned the difference between a person’s chronological age (the one according to your birth certificate) and the biological age, which shows how quickly or slowly a person’s body is aging. Turns out, bio age is the key to healthy longevity.
  • And then, only one month before my book launched in the spring of 2018, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Not just once but twice.

Instinctively I knew that this was the first day of my new identity: the identity of a woman focused on optimal health with the longest health span and lifespan possible! 

Full disclosure: I'm not afraid of getting older. I'm old enough to realize that a long, healthy life is a  privilege and not a right. I am, however, afraid of a lukewarm dull life and of dying of a disease that I might have been able to avoid getting in the first place. 

So I rolled up my sleeves and put into action all I had researched about healthy lifestyles in middle age (although I prefer the term prime time) and how to live cancer- and disease-free for the rest of my life.

I improved my (already good) diet, started to walk in nature every day, took very good care of my mental well-being, and brought more adventure and excitement into my life, which was a key factor for me - not even the pandemic could derail me. 

I walked my talk and guess what: as a side-effect of my joyful focus on health I’ve slowed down my aging process CONSISTENTLY for five years now and even shaved off biological years in a matter of months. 

I’ve experienced myself that indeed it is possible to turn back the time of our biological clock, but here’s the funny truth: If you asked me (and I get asked a lot) what are the things I do that move the needle the most, I’d be hard pressed to tell you.

That’s why I made 2023/2024 My Year Of Getting Younger, as I want to learn how to intentionally slow down the aging process using the newest science and technology and become even younger with age.

Can I get biologically younger in just one year WITHOUT the use of growth hormone injections, weird supplements that could do me long-term harm, eating only once a day, or insane bio-hacks? Well, I guess you have to follow my journey to see. :-)

I want to take you with me on the journey and share with you all I learn through:

  • In-depth interviews with experts in the field of longevity and functional medicine.
  • Short and concise videos answering specific questions.
  • Inspirational videos of and for women in their 40s and 50s and beyond, as we are literally changing the narrative on aging and what is possible once you see the whole world of possibilities open up again for you!

One Life. Live it. 

To your youthfulness and happiness,


 "I am a female physician and love listening to your program as I find so much value in your perspective."

Dr. Cornelia Wendt, MD, Ph.D, Great Britain 

Excellent to meet you here 


Hi, I am Bettina

I am a journalist and bestselling author, certified mental strength trainer, surprised mother of three (a pitbull, a boy, a book - in that order), part-time world traveler (refer back to mama part), Austrian-by-birth-American-by-heart, and definitely a bit slow on the uptake: I didn't hit my stride until my 40s.

I was merely warming up. There is so much more to come, and so much more to give, be, and do. Let's go!


Longing to become a mother after 35 or 40?

I understand. I felt the same way. Yet the media, your friends, your relatives, even your doctor may tell you that it may not be possible anymore, now that you are of "advanced maternal age." That you waited too long. That you squandered your chances.

Screw that. 

Check out my bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood (this photo is from a book signing at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC) and read story after story of women who naturally conceived one, two, even three children in their 40s...Dear future mama, grab the book and then head over here to claim your book bonuses!

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