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"The Joy of Later Motherhood will change how you approach mature motherhood as Gordon-Wayne focuses on what is possible rather than dwelling on limitations. Finally, a book I can wholeheartedly recommend to my clients. "

Judymay Murphy
Internationally renowned Success Coach and Speaker

"Pregnancy after 40 can be a joyful and healthy experience despite what so many women are led to believe. In her book, The Joy of Later Motherhood, Bettina Gordon-Wayne lays out the territory to later motherhood with wisdom and knowledge."

Dr. Christiane Northrup
OB/GYN Physician and Author of New York Times Bestsellers: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

"Reading this book is like having a chat with your best girlfriend. Bettina has collected powerful and encouraging real-life stories to bring you perspective and resources for your journey to motherhood. And to remind you that you're not alone. "

Alisa Vitti
Functional Nutritionist and Hormone Expert, bestselling author of WomanCode, founder of The FLOLiving.com Hormone Center and creator of the MyFLO (MyFLOtracker.com) functional medicine period tracking app

"Women today are not only living longer but we are healthier and have so much to offer a child in terms of life experience and stability. So why shouldn’t we have children in our forties and beyond? This book will make you think twice about that outdated age paradigm and help you reframe any limiting beliefs."

Claudia Spahr
fertility expert, bestselling author, mother of three and founder of the popular mother and children yoga retreats Holy-Mama.com

"This book is a must read for any woman who wants to start a family after the age of 35. The way this book combines inspiring, real-life stories with data about becoming a mother past the culturally-accepted time is so needed. Reading this book is a hope infusion and will be sure to increase your fertility!"

Kate Northrup
Bestselling author of Money: A Love Story and founder of the premier mother-entrepreneur membership site OriginCollective.com

"Bettina Gordon-Wayne has done a masterful job in assembling this book. It has all the research and sourcing of a seasoned journalist and at the same time, it pulls in readers (yes, even men apparently) as it takes them on a journey that educates, entertains and empowers women simultaneously."

Dave Elliott
International relationship expert, author of The Catch Your Match Formula & founder of Legendary Love For Life

"Bettina Gordon-Wayne, through her own story and those of many other women, is taking a stand for natural and healthy pregnancies by creating a new narrative for later motherhood. I imagine you’ll feel similarly when you read her extensively researched words of encouragement and hope."

Mindie Kniss
Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher at mindiekniss.com

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