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 Live Your Wild

Become Younger with Age!

with Bettina Gordon-Wayne

Mom at 44; Author at 46; Cancer-Kicker at 48; YouTuber at 50

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It's NEVER TOO LATE (INTL) to heed the voice that whispers "what if?"


Raise your hand if you think a change in perspective may be just what the doctor ordered. Yes, me too. 

'Cause we all know, we are living in a youth-obsessed culture that suggests women have reached their zenith in their mid-30s and then it’s all downhill from there. Less fertile, less youthful, less visible, less valuable…

This is ridiculous, yes, but also deeply ingrained in our female psyche, as we’ve grown up with this type of ageism all our lives.

And because we are so used to it, we often don’t even realize when we’ve succumbed to prejudices around age.

Where in your life have you already given up on a dream because you thought you are too old by now?

What have you given up on in your 30s, 40s, or 50s?

  • The dream of having a child and a family?
  • Of changing careers or starting all over again?
  • Of making really good money and becoming wealthy?
  • Of writing and publishing a book?
  • Have you given up on love and settled for the relationship at hand?
  • Your dream for a certain kind of body, or a certain kind of lifestyle?

I created the It’s NEVER TOO LATE show to bring about a radical mindset shift in how we think about ourselves as women, about our desire to live a life we love, and our capabilities to make it happen as we move through the years.

Let's be clear, mature women are in the PRIME of their lives!

Each female maverick I invite on the show is a woman who has done something extraordinary herself or has expertise in the topics of
  • Career & Business
  • Health & Love/Motherhood

My mission is to help YOU be the strongest, healthiest, most confident, radiant, and wise version of yourself you can be. We need you, darling.

The world needs more female voices, it needs the smarts, the birds-eye-view, the professional and personal experiences, and the wisdom we mature women can bring to the table. 

Let me guide you over the bridge from old town "What if?" to the bright lights of '"Hell, YAY!'

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“Thank you for your inspiring, thoughtful, and extremely useful show. Listening to the interviews is fabulous nourishment for dreams!”


Susyn Reeves, Southampton

Excellent to meet you here 


Hi, I am Bettina

I am a journalist and bestselling author, certified mental strength trainer, surprised mother of three (a pitbull, a boy, a book - in that order), part-time world traveler (refer back to mama part), Austrian-by-birth-American-by-heart, and definitely a bit slow on the uptake: I didn't hit my stride until my 40s.

I was merely warming up. There is so much more to come, more to give, to be, and to do. Let's go!


Longing to become a mother after 35 or 40?

I understand. I felt the same way. Yet the media, your friends, your relatives, even your doctor may tell you that it may not be possible anymore, now that you are of "advanced maternal age." That you waited too long. That you squandered your chances.

Screw that. 

Check out my bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood (this photo is from a book signing at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC) and read story after story of women who naturally conceived one, two, even three children in their 40s...Dear future mama, grab the book and then head over here to claim your book bonuses!

Interested in Fertility Mindset Coaching with me? I've got you, darling, just click here!


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