Is Your Body Failing You? Interview with Fertility Expert Aimee Raupp on Body Belief



As I was researching my book The Joy of Later Motherhood, I came across one woman whose story never left my mind:

When Rita and her husband could not conceive, they took the next logical step and went to one of the top infertility clinics in their hometown, New York City, for help. The couple spent well over one-hundred-thousand dollars (money they did not readily have) on treatments. Sadly, Rita lost all three of her pregnancies. When her infertility specialist pushed her toward using donor eggs - another costly process - Rita became disheartened.

"What's wrong?", she asked but never got an answer. Neither her highly trained infertility specialist nor her OB/GYN ever bothered to look for the underlying cause of her miscarriages - it was all blamed on her age of 38 and her "old eggs".

But Rita felt in her gut that something was not right with this assessment.

She did not believe that she miscarried because of her age, she'd rather...

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The Joy of Later Motherhood became a bestseller - TWO months before its release into bookstores!

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2018


I just wiped away my tears... It is not every day that this immigrant from Austria writes a book in her second language, finds a New York City publisher, hustles like a street kid, and becomes a best-selling author in the USA, her country of choice

.... TWO months before the #joyoflatermotherhood even hits the bookstores!

This is extremely moving, humbling and tears-inducing to me as I, like so many of us, had pretty much all odds stacked against me. So this, to me, is so much bigger than I can express right now...

Yet in a nutshell, this success speaks to the value of the topic of later motherhood and the books timely need in the world, as well as to the importance of hope and perseverance. And grit. And heart.

I wrote The Joy of Later Motherhood for all women over 35 who want to start their families but are bombarded with negative messages about free-falling fertility and skyrocketing health risks at advanced maternal age and start to believe and internalize this fear...

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