The Joy of Later Motherhood became a bestseller - TWO months before its release into bookstores!


I just wiped away my tears... It is not every day that this immigrant from Austria writes a book in her second language, finds a New York City publisher, hustles like a street kid, and becomes a best-selling author in the USA, her country of choice

.... TWO months before the #joyoflatermotherhood even hits the bookstores!

This is extremely moving, humbling and tears-inducing to me as I, like so many of us, had pretty much all odds stacked against me. So this, to me, is so much...

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Life is a mystery, especially when it comes to miscarriages


Life is a mystery. We can try to explain all that's happening in our lives with a rational mind but the older I get, the more I realize that not everything is rationally explainable.

I fact, it may be better not to. Especially when it comes to conceiving life and carrying babies inside our bodies. 

I mean, really, why do some couples have a harder time to conceive than others?

Why do some couples struggle for years?

Why do some (actually one out of four women) experience the...

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Never give up on your dreams - may that be birthing babies or books!


Never ever give up on your dreams, may that be writing a book or birthing a baby later on in life!  Get your free copy of my brand new book The Joy of Later Motherhood right here: but hurry, I only have 100 books to give away!

As you may know, I was 44 when I had Hunter and this book is all about the joy and positive aspects of having children when you are a mature woman. And there are so many of us! Times are changing, and this is the book that...

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