Build Your Best Body After 40

On August 9th, four years ago I underwent a 12-hour surgery followed by 5 days in intensive care. It was the culmination of my breast cancer journey and this day became one of the most important and empowering (in hindsight ;-)) ones of my life!

Why? Because this crazy experience subsequently made me stronger, it made me healthier, it made me truly trust my instincts and it made me - for the first time in my life - happy with my body.

I've found my unshakable center and now know for sure, that my body can get better and better with every passing year!

Today, August 9th, I want to tell you about a new series called "Build Your Best Body" that I'm launching next month. After years of research - I'm a journalist after all - and self-implementation and weeding out what works from what doesn't works, I want to share with you what I learned about

  • healing your body naturally (hint: it starts in your mind) 
  • becoming optimally healthy, strong and vibrant, 
  • and shaving YEARS off your chronological age (as I've successfully done) to become - quite literally - younger!

Look, regardless of If you joined this community because you want to become a mom in your 40s, launch a new career, pursue a new adventure or reinvent your life in other areas of your life - you need the health, energy, strength, and stamina to pursue your dreams and see them through to fruition. 

I'd love to be your trusted guide on this journey for the next few months to come!

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In this community, we value female mavericks age 40+ who are out-of-the-box thinkers and ready to become stronger, healthier, and, yes, even younger together. Join us with your best (the one you check the most) email and receive The Top Tests to Measure Your Biological Age and the next steps on our exciting journey together!

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