The Journey is More Important Than the Milestone


Today, this photo - sent out by my friend Kristen Noel, editor-in-chief of BestSelfMedia - landed in my Inbox and I could not help but nod my head. The longer I live the more I understand that even though we human beings thrive for milestones in our lives - like graduations, getting a "good" job, landing the coveted promotion, planning the wedding, welcoming the first child, celebrating the kid's birthday, etc. - life is not about these "successes". Life is really about the days, months, and years in between these milestones.

Life is lived in between the milestones and in between the accomplishments. It's lived in the vast landscape of daily chores and interactions with others; it's about the many choices we need to make during our waking hours (both big and small), and the challenges we need to master day in and day out.

Life is about the journey. Life is about the journey towards motherhood - and not just the baby. Unless you're hoping that once you have the positive pregnancy test, and once you hold your baby in your arms, then you will be happy? **

The question then becomes: are you happy with your journey right now? Does your journey towards motherhood currently bring you mostly joy and excitement, or rather dread and doubt?

Over the years I've coached a lot of women who came to me only after the proverbial shit had hit the fan - after they had suffered through months and years of trying to conceive, of being disappointed and defeated by losses after losses, and after their relationship has already significantly been impacted - usually for the worse.

We women suffer (often in isolation) because we've NOT been taught that the journey is more important than the milestone - because it's how we perceive and live our journey is what makes the milestone even possible.

That's why I've created "Baby, You've Got This", our 6-week premier fertility mind mastery coaching course as I don't want you to suffer but instead feel empowered, hopeful, and strong on your journey again. I want you to fall in love again, to feel joy and peace, and find support from us, your guides (Yvonne and me), and the women who are on a similar journey and who see, hear, and understand you!

I cannot promise you a baby after you've gone through the course, but I know that your journey will be transformed for the (SOOOO MUCH) BETTER if you allow it to be so!

The doors to this coaching course close tonight at midnight. We won't offer this opportunity again for six months. If you want your life to be empowered, don't wait, and choose your joy and happiness today. The course starts on 2/26.

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** Studies on happiness show that, yes, you most likely will be happy for the first year after your baby is born, but then the happiness level of parents drops significantly until all the children have left home again. Sorry, but that's what science says. Unless, of course, you focus on the Journey!... The tools and strategies you'll learn are actually applicable to most aspects of your life, not just the baby journey. 

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