Pregnancy after 40 Podcast, Part 2


Today is 2.2.2022 - what a great birthdate for all the babies around the world who were born today. And I hope and pray that lots and lots of babies will be conceived and born to the wonderful women in our community all through this year of 2022!!! 💗

Thank you for coming back to my blog today. This is the second part of my interview with host Michelle Johnson for her Pregnancy After 40 podcast. And we got rather personal: Michelle and I are talking about my cancer journey and the fact, that having a baby in your 40s is a highlight, but not the pinnacle of life, as there are many more decades ahead of us, hopefully, and so much more joy to experience and also hurdles to jump over. 

I certainly was very surprised that only four years after I had my son at age 44, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And from the get-go, I knew that I won't let cancer define me in any way. 

I believe it is of utmost importance that we women who already have received - or maybe one day will receive - a diagnosis of infertility, cancer, etc, that we remember to NOT take the diagnosis on as a label that defines us going forward. 

A diagnosis of any kind is nothing other than a snapshot of our health in this particular moment and time! And health can be improved at any age and whenever we decide to do what it takes to regain health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

If you are interested in Mind-Body-Spirit fertility and how to use your mind to enhance your body's ability to conceive, then mark your calendar: on February 26th we'll start the next round of Fertility Mindset Coaching for Mature-Moms-to-be! Details to come soon!

When Michelle brought up the topic of miscarriage, we both got rather personal and I eventually realized, that even though I had talked about my miscarriage before and thought that I had healed the wound, I actually had NOT healed all the hurt. Michelle gave me the opportunity to speak my truth and say out loud what I feel but usually not articulate: that I am sorry that we didn't have more children. And that I still hope that one day I'll find "my girl". 

Can you relate?

With love and respect for you and our journey,




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