Say YES more often to YOURSELF


Ladies, I went wine tasting in a castle (built in 1495!) in Austria - only because I said "Yes" to an invitation I initially wanted to decline -- this is a reminder to us all, to take more chances, to be more spontaneous, and not to let opportunities for fun and adventure pass us by!   

We, women, are often eager to say "yes" to our obligations or to help out: we stay longer at work, pick up the kids, do more chores, etc. How about we say "YES!" more often to the things that bring us joy, put a smile on our faces, or simply make us feel good?  

As I am recovering from surgery I made this quick video to remind us all, that saying YES more often to OURSELVES not only boosts our happiness level at the moment but also sustains us when times are rough -- I still smile just thinking about my time in Austria, even though my body hurts all over right now.

Even having the intention of welcoming more excitement, and aliveness into our lives can be the spark we need to pull through darker times.  

So, ladies, let's say more YES to ourselves! And please leave me a comment below where YOU recently said YES and what happened, I'd love to hear it! 

xx Bettina

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