Look What Happened

Nine years ago this month something really important happened to me. I had just finished my certification as a Mental Strength Trainer with the Mentalakademie Europa in northern Italy, in the middle of the Italian Alps. 

After graduation, my friend Brigitte invited me to stay a few more days with her and her son in her house in the mountains. One afternoon the three of us took a cable car to the very top of the Corno del Renon and unbeknownst to the others, I had secretly tucked a pregnancy test into the pocket of my pants before we left her house.

All during the final week of my mental strength training, I had had the feeling that I might be pregnant - however, it was too soon to test. But on this fateful day, in the bathroom of a 100-year-old mountain hut, with a view of the Italian Alps through a tiny wooden window, I peed on the stick and waited for the two lines to emerge.

And did they ever!

And "WHY did she do the test on top of the mountain and not in her friend's bathroom?" you might ask yourself. Well, my friend, somehow I must have known that doing it this way my positive test would make for a much better story to tell and pictures to show :-))

I ran out of the hut screaming with joy and Brigitte and I jumped up and down like excited teenagers. We snapped dozens of photos and then I took a moment to comprehend what was going on: after 3,5 years of lots of emotional and mental turmoil I had finally reached clarity and peace of mind, and thus had gotten pregnant quickly and easily at age 43. 

You may not know this, but my issue around 40+ motherhood was less physical than it was mental and emotional. I had outwardly said "yes, I do want to be a mom" but inwardly I had a myriad of contradictory thoughts about motherhood and having children and I doubted that I could be a good mom and still pursue a life that would bring me joy and purpose. And could I even do it now, at my age?

it had taken me years to come to this moment, up in the Italian Alps, and I realized then and there, how important the mind-body connection truly was and how to use it to my advantage on this sometimes (OK, often) rocky road to motherhood!

And I want this for you too: the positive pregnancy test, the pregnancy, the first cuddle with your newborn, and holding their tiny fingers for the first time!

That's why I wrote the book The Joy Of Later Motherhood. That's why I started coaching 1-1, as I wanted to help women find peace and joy again on their journey and ease their stress levels so that their bodies could get out of the prevalent flight-flight-freeze state and actually conceive the babies they wanted. 

After years of personal coaching, I closed my 1-1 practice and poured my training, knowledge, and expertise into my 4-weeks long online course "Baby, You've Got This". 

And to celebrate the momentous day up in the Italian Alps I want to gift you with a $200 coupon for my course - that's right, for the next 24 hours only 

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So join and ask away, I am here for you! And I want you to send me photos of your positive tests as well. 

Baby, You've Got This is my premium fertility mind mastery course and it offers:

  • A radical mind-shift for moms-to-be over 40 - your age is NOT your biggest hurdle but potentially your biggest asset!
  • A 40-year-old woman can be healthier and more fertile than a 25-year-old as you'll learn in this course. 
  • Tactics and strategies to use the mind-body connection to tremendously lower your stress level and calm your nervous system - the prerequisite for pregnancy. 
  • My best tips to turn your body from a "broken foe" to a trusted ally (my cancer journey taught me A LOT in that regard).
  • Scientifically proven ways to boost your joy and hope on your journey towards motherhood. 
  • Actionable advice on how to keep your relationships strong and navigate social settings. 
  • We'll also address the Big Elephant in the room: how to find happiness and meaning in your life regardless of the outcome. 
  • Be part of a community of women who are on a similar journey. Women your age who understand what you are going through and have your best interest at heart

The course curriculum focuses on the three pillars of Well-being: Mind, Body, and Spirit, and the content is released over the course of four weeks. The course consists of 15+ hours of video lessons, interviews with experts, and stories of hope. 

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Sending you lots of love,


A few more impressions from that day: 


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