Younger With Age Part 3 - Boundaries and Why

Bettina Gordon, My Year of Getting Younger
Younger With Age Part 3 - Boundaries and Why

When I researched my book The Joy of Later Motherhood, I came across some fascinating data in the book "Younger", written by MIT and Harvard-trained physician Dr. Sara Gottfried:

Only 10 percent of disease is caused by your genes. NINETY percent is caused by your environmental factors, which may turn genes on and off.

Just think about the celebrities we see in the media, and who keep looking as if they'd never age - like Jennifer Aniston, who at age 53 doesn't look much different than she did when she played Rachel on the TV hit show "Friends" decades ago.

Dr. Gottfried further writes: Celebrities are aware of the 10/90 rule. They know that genes are only 10 percent of the story of why these women keep their enviable body structure as they age, the other 90 percent is determined by their lifestyle and how it affects their biochemistry and subsequently the expression of their genes, an interaction known as epigenetics.

These women apply their wealth to help out their genes by paying for personal trainers, private chefs, and nutritionists to keep their good genes turned on and their bad genes, such as the ones for weight gain or cancer, turned off. Most work very hard to keep their A-list bodies - eat fish, consume organic eggs from their own chicken coop, and chomp on dark leafy greens. When they eat a cooky or have a glass of wine, they stop after one. Many practice yoga three times a week, kickbox, and diligently complete their cardio workouts. Instead of applauding their genetics, aw should applaud their epigenetics. 

This is 100% right: getting plastic surgery may alter your looks, but a younger body and face from the inside out is only achievable when we focus on the 90% of the gene expression we can control. And here's the thing: I do not have a personal trainer, a chef, or a nutritionist but I still managed to slow down my again process significantly - and so can you!

Today I am talking though about the importance of setting boundaries and of NOT buying into the notion that your genes, which you inherited from your parents, inevitably set you up for the same diseases that run in your families.

And I touch on the most important question of all: "WHY are you focusing on your health and longevity?" You need to know your WHY, so you can sustain the journey toward optimal health and longevity. Personally, I have three reasons (one of which is as mundane as they come) and I'm revealing them all to you today. 


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