Will Your Saboteur Join the Valentine's Day Celebration Tonight?


Happy Valentine's Day!

While America seems to be overflowing with red hearts and pink candies today, and while I certainly believe in love and long-lasting happy partnerships (16 years and going strong!), I'd  also love to address the pink elephant in the room today:

  • What if our relationship is not so hunky-dory right now?
  • What if trying to conceive AND keeping the passion and love for our partners intact seems like an insurmountable task at times?
  • What, if we'd wish we could go "back" and be the couple again we once were?

Then allow me to introduce you to your inner saboteur(s) who will most likely snuggle up on the couch with you and your partner tonight ;-).


Watch this 20-minute interview with Positive Intelligence coach Yvonne Hendrych as she lays out the concept of our "inner saboteurs" and how they may show up within us - and within our partner - especially prominently while we are on our journey towards parenthood. 

Take the quiz right here https://workinbalance.org/pqtraining and maybe have your partner take it as well BEFORE you hang out with him or her later. 

Knowing your inner saboteurs and finding compassion for how they show up in the most inopportune times, can make us exhale with a huge sigh of relief, and could actually lead to a most loving and empathetic evening tonight!


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With love,


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