Five Years Cancer Free, Yay!



Hello my dear, I'm elated to tell you today that I'm officially five years cancer free!

As I was walking home from my oncologist's office I passed the White House, which looked so beautiful that I decided to stay and shoot a quick video message for you with the most famous house in the world in the background. 

Today I want to celebrate my joy with you - sharing our ups and downs with others makes it all feel so much better! - and also share a video with you in which I lay out the lessons I"ve learned after receiving the rather scary diagnosis of cancer. 

And I tell you what my initial reaction was when the doctor said I have breast cancer. It's almost comical. In hindsight. :- 

I initially recorded this video for my Fertility Mindmastery course "Baby, You've Got This" for all the women here in our community who want to become moms later in life. At the beginning of this video (starting at minute 1:30) I am talking about infertility -- but the takeaways are really universal and not just specific to fertility issues.

If you've ever received a big and scary diagnosis concerning your health or have a loved one who got one, or simply are curious about how you could deal with a diagnosis if you should ever get one, please listen to the whole video and the four re-frames I'm offering. 

With love and respect for your journey,


PS: There are very many lessons I learned from cancer and four of which (all tied to the diagnosis) I share in the video above. Please let me know in the comments below if you are interested in hearing more of my lessons learned, then I happily write a follow-up blog or record a new video. 


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