OWN Your Health!

My Year of Getting Younger, Week 1: Own Your Health!
As I started this year with the intention of going on a 12-months quest of learning how to intentionally slow down the aging process and reduce my biological age (join the journey here if you are not already on my email list) I had to first face the music:
Before leaving for Honduras on our holiday trip last month, I had done another blood draw with my trusted health partner Inside Tracker.
When I opened the app while on vacation and retrieved my results I was shocked -
My inflammation - measured by hsCRP - was through the roof! And my cortisol levels had increased by almost 50% (!) compared to my previous blood test. And let's not talk about my LDL...There were multiple biomarkers that were way too high and require my immediate attention. 
And guess what? I would have NO idea what was really going on in my body if I would not have tested! In general, I felt really good and healthy and had no idea that I had inflammation brewing in my body. I did not even realize that my stress levels and thus my cortisol had increased. 
That's how stealthy and surprising the physical changes in our bodies can be!
That's why I shot this video ... My dear, please make your health and wellness your priority this year and have your blood checked at least twice in 2023 as you won't know what's really going on with your body unless you check.
You and I, we need to OWN our health and take care of our bodies. 
Throughout the next 12 months, I'll share all I learn in My Year of Getting Younger with you through my newsletter, so stay tuned.
And if you want to join me in a small, intimate group that I'll personally guide for the next six months so we can get "younger" together, watch out for my special invite early next week!
To your health and happiness,
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