Younger With Age Part 4 - Repair versus Injury

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Younger With Age Part 4 - Repair versus Injury

Today we're talking for the first time about the body and I'm introducing you to the Golden Ratio, which I recently learned from Dr. Zach Bush, in his Journey of Intrinsic Health course:


There is a golden ratio within your body — the rate of injury to the rate of repair. If we change that ratio, we can change the course of your health and your life. 

If the rate of injury exceeds the rate of repair, then you are on a downward path toward disease. However, if the rate of repair exceeds the rate of injury, then you build a fundamentally different human being, rising toward optimal health.

In this episode, I'm presenting you with two major opportunities to lower your rate of injury and boost the rate of repair - without any other investment than your time and dedication to put these two suggestions highest up on your list of priorities!



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