How to Easily Do Your Bloodwork With Inside Tracker


If I could shout it from the rooftops, I would: Ladies, our health needs to be the number one priority and become absolutely non-negotiable! 💪👊🏽

In my previous blog post, I spoke about the importance of testing while in Honduras. Today I want to show you how easy it can be.

If you are new to my community let me just preface this post that I went through a rather intense breast cancer journey in 2018. While my health had been very important to me already before my diagnosis, it certainly became my top priority afterward. And I realized that up until this point - the diagnosis - I had good or “normal” health (e.g. my blood work results were normal even when I had cancer! Which just goes to show that "normal range" is not a very high standard) but moving forward I actually need to have OPTIMAL health.

Over the years I had many conversations with doctors who gave me a hard time when I asked about certain tests because I wanted to do to make sure I am in optimal health. The pushback that I got from one of the doctors for something as simple as a Vitamin D test was simply ridiculous and I fired her on the spot. 

If your doctor gives you a hard time ordering legit tests it may be time to look for a new physician. Or go to Plan B altogether, which I did.  

So I started researching companies that would offer the services and tests that I wanted so I could achieve the result that I desire: optimal health for DECADES to come.

I stopped relying exclusively on our healthcare system and have invested money in my health - from purchasing hormone tests to purchasing tests to learn about my biological age (scroll to the bottom of this page to get a list of the top tests for measuring your bio age) to mitochondrial analysis etc - as my health determines the quality of my life. It’s really everything.

That’s why I wanted to share this today with you. I researched the market and decided to work with a company called Inside Tracker which has been on the market since 2009 and is trusted by athletes and health-conscious people as the company to go to for testing, and then tracking your results and optimizing them with the help of Inside Tracker’s suggestions.

I started using Inside Tracker in the spring of 2022. I shot the video above when I tested the very first time with them, which was easy to do and very efficient: you go to their website, purchase your packet, fill out a few questions, and receive your lab slip for the blood work via email. This took me literally half an hour.

A couple of days later I drove to the Quest lab in my neighborhood and was done with the blood draw in less than 15 minutes. I received my test results within a few days on the Inside Tracker app and my computer and was very happy to see all their suggestions for lifestyle and dietary improvements (including a list of supplements) for me based on MY unique test results and not on what's the "norm". 

If you are interested in Inside Tracker, you can use my ambassador link to receive a 20% discount code for ALL their products. 

The world of medicine is changing significantly and I love the combination of seeing my trusted (and highly vetted by me ;-) ) doctors and the additional services health and wellness companies offer. 

If you are interested in learning your biological age (the true age of your body) and seeing if it differs from your chronological age (determined by your birthday) then join our community below and receive a list of the top tests for biological age that are currently on the market.

To your health and longevity! ♥️

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