On My Birthday This Week I Made a Firm Commitment


Hello lovely,

Let me start this new year with gratitude: Thank you for being in my community, and thank you for appreciating my posts and videos and for sharing them with the people in your life you love. 

You mean the world to me. And I'm thinking of you very often.

I've been thinking a lot about how I can contribute to your life in a meaningful way in 2023 - and on my birthday this week, I believe I found it and committed 100% to it:

My Year Of Getting Younger!

On January 9th I shot this video above after deciding - over a Sushi lunch with my husband - to go on this journey and to share with you all I know and will learn myself in the months to come. 

My dear, if you've been in my community for a while you know that I'm all about changing the narrative about women and aging and that I myself strive to live a life "outside the box" (like becoming a mom at 44) and being optimally healthy (a cancer diagnosis can be quite the fire under ones behind ;-)).

Since my cancer journey in 2018, I cleaned up my act considerably, so to speak, and I've not only gotten healthier, but younger as well: while my chronological age keeps getting up there (I just turned 53), my biological age - the true age of my body - has been consistently much younger than my birth certificate would suggest.

For the last five years, my body has consistently been between five and nine years younger than my chronological age and this has given me many benefits, like more energy, vibrancy, joy, and zest for life than many of my peers have.

In fact, my friends often ask me where I get my energy from when I tell them all the things I've been up to. 

My answer? Well, I want to tell you everything during my journey this year to become even younger biologically! This year, I'm going to intentionally slow down the aging process of my body even further and I want to share with you every step I'm taking.

Here's why I think this topic is 100% aligned with you:

I know you have dreams and are getting ready for the next phase of your life, Whatever your dream - having a baby over 40: finding love; starting a new business; feeling excitement for your own life again! - you can only reach for the stars if your body allows you to stretch up to heaven.

In other words, your mind, body, and spirit need to be healthy and aligned in order to fully support your dream. I know this to be true, as I've lived it myself. And I want to share with you through my journey how far an aligned mind-body-spirit approach can bring you this year!

You can come with me on this journey in two ways:

1) Watch this space as I'll share my tips regularly with you in my newsletters. Please engage with the content as much as you want, and let me know if you have specific questions or ideas that I can then address in subsequent videos and blogs.

2) If you seek a more hands-on approach and want to focus on slowing down the aging process yourself, then join me and a small group of like-minded women in our Younger With Age sisterhood/mastermind. 

We are going to meet twice per month on Zoom so we can go more in-depth with the material and have a personalized experience. This is a collaborative sisterhood and we are going to support each other and hold each other accountable for the first half of this year. 

Since this is the maiden run for our Younger With Age sisterhood, the investment will be very reasonable.

If you want to join this small group experience, let me know by >>signing up here<<. (no financial commitment yet, just a head count) I'll reach out again next week when we have dates etc. set up. 

My Year of Getting Younger has started and I can't wait to share it with YOU!

With love,



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