The Joy of Later Motherhood turns FIVE today! Let's celebrate!

The video above was a FB Live I did today five years ago - when I walked into my closest Barnes&Noble hoping to find my book on the shelves as it was book launch day! I hope this video brings a smile to your face, as it was almost comical how the young man did not understand my accent at first, then could not find the book, then...;-)


My dear woman,

If you found me because your heart is calling for a child, then please know, that my heart will always beat for YOU!

I was 38 when I got married to my beloved Joshua and 44 when we welcomed our child Hunter into our family. I've been through some tough times - and even though my path may have been different from yours, let me assure you: I HEAR YOU. I SEE YOU. And I FEEL LOVE and DEEP RESPECT FOR YOU even though we may have never met. 

I thought of you when I started to write The Joy of Later Motherhood. I had you in my heart with every single interview I conducted for the book - and you were constantly on my mind on May 1st, 2018 when this wonderful creation launched into this world!


Today The Joy of Later Motherhood turns FIVE and I'd like to celebrate this momentous occasion with you:


I've been humbled and so very grateful to read the wonderful 5-star reviews so many of you left on Amazon all around the world. THANK YOU, I am truly moved and grateful. And I don't know if you know, but the more reviews a book has, the more Amazon is likely to show it to other women on their journey toward motherhood.

Today, please support this wonderful book so that many more women can find the encouraging stories of hope - and feel the love and wisdom all the women who participated in creating The Joy of Later Motherhood have poured into these pages!

If you have not read it already, please order the book today and let it bring you joy and hope on your journey! If you've already read and loved it, please consider gifting it to someone you love - Mother's Day is coming up, which can be quite challenging, so the gift of this book may be just what your friend, relative or co-worker might need. 

Amazon is running a special right now: the paperback version is only $ 13.49 and the Kindle version sells for less than two bucks this week!!

If you love the book, please leave a 5-Star review on Amazon and then send me a screenshot of the review so I can show my gratitude to you as well.


As my birthday gift, I am offering a free 30-min coaching session with me to every reader who takes the time to leave a 5-star review during this whole book birthday-celebration week!

I've never done anything like that before, but I do hope that I get to speak to you and answer the questions you might have - or just to say "hello" and get to meet YOU!

Just send me the screenshot of your 5-star review this week and we'll get your session onto our calendars.

Happy Birthday dear The Joy of Later Motherhood! 

With love,




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