Can You Really Get Younger?


On my birthday in January, I decided to embark on My Year of Getting Younger  - now, in April, I am finally getting my act together :-).

Thank you for your patience with me as I promised to share with you what I learn about rejuvenating our bodies and becoming biologically younger as we age. I may be a tad bit delayed, but I'll certainly make good on my promise!

I've spent the last few weeks and months researching this topic in-depth, rewriting webpages, updating free giveaways, etc., and preparing for a two-months-Younger-You-protocol that I started last weekend.

I'm going to tell you about my findings and my own personal experience in bite-sized videos in the upcoming months here on the blog, as well as on YouTube. In the past, I edited my own videos but it takes me such a long time (who else thinks they can do it all? ;-)) that I decided to invest in a professional editor, as I can't wait to get the first videos out to you in May. 

But first, here's my interview with Dr. Kara Burkhart, co-founder of Cultivate Fertility. I was the guest on her new YouTube show Doctors in Demand (subscribe if you plan to have a baby soon) last Friday. It was a great interview and nicely sets the stage for the Bigger Picture.

I highly encourage you to watch it if you are at all interested in reducing your biological age not just to look and feel better (although, who doesn't want that ;-)) but also as an important lever to boost your fertility and overall health!

In the interview, I mention the protocol I just started, which is based on Dr. Kara Fitzgerald's groundbreaking book Younger You  (a GREAT book that I highly recommend for you).

We also speak about the different ways of testing your biological age. If you want to claim a 20% discount on the Inside Tracker blood test, go here and receive your coupon! You can also use code BETTINA at check out and receive 20% off.

Wishing you a marvelous week,


PS: If you've not read The Joy of Later Motherhood yet, order it now as Amazon currently has a special price! Also, please watch for an email from me on May 1st, as we celebrate the book's fifth birthday with a giveaway of 30min coaching - for free! - with me. 

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