Let's finish the year STRONG!

When I drove to my office in Washington, DC, this morning and headed towards the Capitol Building I had an idea:

There are only four weeks left to Christmas. Why not make these weeks the most productive and invigorating weeks of the whole year?

If you feel there's something you wanted to do this year, but somehow 2022 was speeding by like a Formula One race car, do you want to join me in committing to a project or idea for the next four weeks?

Let's be accountability partners if you will!

So here's my commitment: I am going to write a full first draft of my next book between now and Christmas Eve. Yes. A whole book.

This is no small feat, I know. My first bestselling book, The Joy of Later Motherhood, took me 1,5 years to write. Why? Because it was my first book and I was not sure if I could do it. Because I conducted 60+ interviews for the book, wrote roughly 300 pages, researched and secured a great publishing house, worked on other projects simultaneously, and made the process a lot more complicated than it needs to be. 

Now I know better: I commit to solely focus on my new book for the next four weeks. A finished first draft of about 150 pages (this book will be a lot shorter and still include all the gems), so 7.5 pages written per workday. This means for me - a slower writer - about three solid hours per day of focusing ONLY on my writing. Or maybe I'll dictate the book this time and have it transcribed, whatever is easier for me. I'll either go with my previous publishing house or publish independently (which is more likely). Again, whatever makes it easier. 

My friend, bringing your project, your idea, and your dream to life is doable. Even in four weeks. It's just a question of making the commitment and using time wisely.

What is it that YOU would like to do to finish the year strong? 

Send me an email (bettina @ bettinagordon. com)  and let me know - I'm more than happy to become your accountability partner for the next month! 



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