Traveling the world with your family and still earn income!


UPDATE:  B-School 2021 is over and the free training is gone. But I will update you when the doors open again in 2022! 

OK, let's do it: let's talk about location independence and the beauty and benefits of being an online entrepreneur!

My son Hunter and I are on a cross-country trip right now, exploring America's "Wild West" and discovering new places, landscapes, and wildlife that we've never seen before. This is our happy place, we both LOVE to travel. We'll be gone for four weeks. We'll come home with photos and memories that'll last us a lifetime!

And the most amazing thing is: I am still earning income and run my business from the road, working only 10 hours per week during our trip. 

If you love the idea of traveling and exploring the world with your family while running a successful online business from wherever you are, then you must watch the video I shot for you just outside Cody, Wyoming, the rodeo capital of the world. 

As you can see in this unedited video that I speak from my heart - I want this kind of lifestyle for you as well, if this is something you desire.

It was a strategic decision for me to become my own boss and focus on digital entrepreneurship to make a living because I was drawn to the lifestyle that I now have.

I also knew that I needed a strong foundation and the best tools and strategies available to start my business and sustain it through all the ups and downs that inevitably come if you are your own boss. 

That's why I chose Marie Forleo's B-School to start my business the right way back in 2015.

Marie Forleo's online course is hands-down the most valuable training you can take if you desire to start (and scale) an online business. B-School is world-class and gives you the biggest bang for your buck - trust me, I know ;-)

For the first time ever Marie is offering a B-Summer School that starts in just a few days. And she offers a free training series beforehand, which I wanted to share with you today.

>>Check out the free training series right here<<

I am happy to say, that I've become an affiliate for B-School this year as I've reaped the rewards of taking the program myself and highly recommend it to anybody who's called to work online and be location independent. 

Knowing how to package and position your business online is key to making the income and impact you deserve. And NO, you don’t have to be pushy or insincere to succeed. (In fact, doing those things will damage you and your business!)

In the end, business success comes from contribution. 

So whether you’re a total beginner, a part-time business owner, a writer, a freelancer, a CEO, a coach, a teacher, a designer — whoever you are and whatever you do — there’s one thing that’s 100% certain:

Running a profitable, values-driven business can profoundly change the quality of your life.

This is your time, my dear!

Check out the free 3-part training right here



PS: If you liked Marie's free training series and decide to sign-up for B-School through my affiliate link, then I have a wonderful bonus for you: once B-School is over (FYI you'll have lifetime access to all material, even future updates) we are going to meet once a month for at least four months on Zoom so I can give you powerful mindset coaching (that's what I do, I am a certified mental strength trainer) on how to keep the momentum going, implement with ease and build the strong foundation that'll allow you to live the lifestyle of your dreams. 

In this community we value out-of-the-box thinkers and learn from the female mavericks who designed their lives intentionally -- either by choice, or necessity. Success leaves clues and radically shifts perspectives, as you'll see in our free video series:

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