A diagnosis of infertility is NOT your destinity


Since my book "The Joy of Later Motherhood" was published in 2018 I've often been interviewed and have spoken at events on the topic of becoming a mother in your late 30s and 40s. and the biggest myths surrounding it. 

I always aim to offer a point of view that is different than the common narrative that surrounds later motherhood -- different and empowering.

So when I was recently interviewed for a fertility summit, I started to speak about how receiving my cancer diagnosis made me understand what the diagnosis of infertility, especially the unexplained infertility diagnosis, feels like - and how important it is to NOT believe that this diagnosis is your destiny. Because it most likely isn't. 

Your diagnosis of infertility is NOT your destiny, but a mere snapshot of your current health and wellbeing -- nothing more, nothing less.

Since we ran out of time during this interview I recorded a video just on this topic for our community here. 

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