A diagnosis of infertility is NOT your destinity


I just got off the phone with my colleague Saskia Roell, who interviewed me for her upcoming Hope, Help, Heal summit, which will air from October 13th - 15th 2021.

The summit brings together 20+ experts who give their best advice on how to conceive your baby, have a successful pregnancy and birth. 

Saskia is keeping the interviews to 15 minutes only so that even the busiest listener can listen to each interview in its entirety and not miss the nuggets and best advice that may be crucial for her own journey.

At the end of my interview I talked about the importance to realize, that the diagnosis of infertility is NOT your destiny, but a mere snapshot of your current health and wellbeing -- nothing more, nothing less.

Our time with Saskia was up before I could lay out all the nuances and details and so I went ahead and did a solo video about this topic here for you, my insider circle ladies 💖💖💖💖.

Please let me know if it was helpful and send me an email to bettina @ bettinagordon.com if you have any further questions! 

With love and respect for your journey,


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