Are You Younger Than You Think?

May 24, 2019


Have you been told that you're getting too old to conceive naturally? Or that you are too old to even have a baby? Or have you secretly wondered it yourself?

Today we are jumping into the world of anti-aging, of aging well, and - yes, true! - the possibility of aging in reverse. 

Since I started my journey of later motherhood six years ago (I conceived Hunter pretty much right now in 2013) I've been fascinated by the topics of health, fertility, brain and gut connection, vitality, and energy. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to a podcast on one of these topics or immerse myself in the newest book and research. 

I've become something of an ageless-living nut, to be honest. But my passion is not with anti-wrinkle creams or butt-lift surgery  - my passion is to learn how to live a life that's vibrant, disease free and keeps my body strong and healthy until at least 90, if not 100 and beyond so I can be there for my boy and his kids (fingers crossed).

And I've started to try out different protocols on myself to see what works well and what doesn't.

The latest self-study I did directly relates to you:

If you ever did a coaching session with me or read my best-selling book The Joy of Later Motherhood, you know that there is a difference between chronological age (the age on your driver's license) and your biological age - the age of your cells. 

Sure, we all get older but the speed with which we age is individual for each and every one of us. That's why I think that all this crazy negative hype around age and fertility is misplaced. 

Only because a woman turns 35, 40, or 45 doesn't mean her body has aged at the same speed. Our lifestyle, diet, fitness, thoughts, stress levels, friendships, even our hobbies have an influence on our biological age, so we can, indeed, be younger than we thought!

For example, my driver's license lists me as 49 years old. My body, HOWEVER, is only ..... listen to the interview my dear friend and Functional and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Nita Ewald recently did with me for her community (please find Nita's work here).

There was a short audio-glitch around 2 minutes, sorry about that.

If you are curious about telomeres now, check out this story

If you have any further questions, I'd love to hear from you!




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