If you want to get pregnant soon, consider THIS..."> If you want to get pregnant soon, consider THIS...">

If you want to get pregnant soon, consider THIS...


Today I'd like to introduce you to a woman who has heaps and heaps of baby magic dust - seriously, come with me to Oz! 

If you've been following me for a while or have read my bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood you know that I think it's really important for us "women of a certain - the best! - age" to focus on our physical and mental health as soon as we feel ready to bring a baby into this world.

Monique - whose story is Chapter 20 in my book - started to prepare physically and mentally before she even met the man who would become the father of her gorgeous daughter Skylar. Monique was 46 when she birthed her girl.

I myself had been married for a couple of years already when I took two years to work out all my mental barriers and fine tune my body. I was 44 when I had my boy, Hunter.

And Pippa, Chapter 11, had tried to conceive for seven years before focusing in earnest on her health. She cradled her boy in her arms only seven months after she optimized her physical and spiritual well-being. Pippa was 42 when she became a mother.

So wherever you are in your journey, listen up, as I have something for you: Gabriela Rosa, world renown fertility expert (please check out Gabriela's impressive bio) and one of my favorite Aussies (hence the Oz reference), is offering her next Fertility Challenge for F.R.E.E. 

You will learn:

  • How to boost your fertility and improve egg quality
  • How to boost your partner's health and sperm quality (after all, it's a 50:50 equation)
  • How to deal with your "minor factors" (Gabriela will explain), how to avoid miscarriages, and so much more. 

I took the Fertility Challenge last year (I don't recommend any challenges, courses or products I've not checked out personally) and learned A TON about health and fertility. So did the other 60,000 couples who've taken the challenge as well in the past. 

The Fertility Challenge starts on October 24th, 2018 and you can register for free here

I believe that this challenge can give you the perspective you may not have had before. It can have a positive influence and maybe even be life-changing for you on your baby journey.

2019 may be the year!

With love and baby dust,


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