Infertility in your 40s? Listen to Get Pregnant Naturally to get the scoop.


I recently dove into the world of podcasts (listening to them and being interviewed by top podcasters on their shows) and I am loving it. 

So I wanted to share this one today as you may love this podcast as well: it's my interview with Sarah Clark for the Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast. We are discussing topics like infertility in women and the expectation of having to do IVF - in vitro fertilization - when being of advanced maternal age.

This is a prevalent myth driven by the often skewed statistics we read. So my advice is: step away from the stats buffet! 

Did you know, that your chances of getting pregnant naturally in your 40s are often higher than with IVF?  Become the CEO of your own health and start your journey towards motherhood by examining your thoughts and beliefs as your mind is one of the major factors influencing your fertility. 

The episode aired on February 15th 2019, please scroll down a bit to see it - I highly recommend listening to my conversation with Sarah if you are thinking of becoming a mom of a "certain age" ;-)

And if you have a podcast yourself, please reach out to hello @, I'd love to be on your show as well. I truly enjoy talking about later motherhood and all I learned about defying limiting beliefs around age and, in fact, getting younger with age!

Yes, this is possible. I just found out yesterday that my biological age is SIX years younger than my chronological age ....I'll write about this at a later time but needless to say, this is a fascinating topic. 


Back to podcasts. I am actually listening to different podcasts on my daily walk with my dog, Georgia. This girl is my "firstborn" and we fell head-over-heels for her when we adopted her from a high-kill shelter almost seven years ago.

Georgia has the face of a pit bull, the heart of a lion, and the prey drive of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. And she swims like a fish. 

Are you a fur-mama as well? Fur-babies are awesome, aren't they?! Please send me a photo of you and your fur-baby, I'd love to see it!

As many of you know, I had a pretty intense breast cancer journey last year and going for a 60- to 90-minute walk with Miss G is part of my daily health regiment now. We usually walk at the National Arboretum (450 acres of pristine land in my neighborhood in DC) but this photo was taken last weekend on the beach of North Carolina. Georgia LOVES the ocean and I was happy to oblige ;-)

Here's the link to the podcast again.  And subscribe to Get Pregnant Naturally, as Sarah has great guests and you'll find many of the shows very valuable I am sure. 

With love and smiles,

Bettina and Georgia and Hunter (who digs the ocean as well)

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