Happy holidays and let's envision 2019 together! "> Happy holidays and let's envision 2019 together! ">

Happy holidays and let's envision 2019 together!



Merry Christmas and happy holidays from my heart and my home to yours!

Today - Christmas Eve - marks the beginning of a very special time in our calendar, besides the birth of Jesus Christ, of course. Today marks the start of a series of nights called the "Rauhnaechte"!

Even though I've called America home for over two decades now I am still fascinated by Europe's old traditions and rituals. One of the most beautiful ancient customs is the celebration of "Rauhnaechte", loosely translated as the 12 nights of Christmas - a time of peace, introspection, and envisioning of the future year.

It's a time when the veils between our world and the spiritual world are supposed to be the thinnest and our intent and focused energy the most potent. 

Next year, I'd like to take us all on this special journey together, but for this year Iet's use the special energies of these nights for a simple daily ritual. Let's focus our minds and hearts on what we'd like to create in 2019 and beyond. 



Today or tomorrow, December 25th, take 15-30 minutes of quiet time. Light a candle, put on soothing music, and give yourself the gift of time and love. 

Contemplate what you'd like to change in your life, what you'd like to let go of and what you'd like to welcome. Be creative!

So in addition to "I wish to welcome my baby" or "I wish to be cancer free for the next 50+ years" (one of my wishes), or "becoming really healthy and fertile" also write down the areas in your life you'd like to be stronger in, like "taking better care of me", "putting my own needs ahead of the needs of others" (also one of mine) or "getting better in setting boundaries".

Now write 13 of your wishes onto 13 pieces of paper that look the same.

Starting on the evening of December 25th burn one piece of paper without having looked at it. Every night for twelve nights burn one of your wishes and give it over to the Universe to take care of it for you. 

Once you burned the 12th wish, have a look at the 13th piece of paper. While all other wishes are for God and the Universe to figure out and fulfill, the 13th wish is for you to hold dear and make it come true. 

I am already VERY curious about my own 13th wish, you too?

With love and holiday cheers,


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