Reinvention in your 40s and 50s with master coach Nancy Levin


Nancy Levin was the Events Director at Hay House Publishing and good friends with personal empowerment icons like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, and Joe Dispenza (to just name a few) when her world fell apart in her 40s.

Nancy's life took an unexpected turn with a text message from her husband, saying: "I read your journals. I'll tell them who you truly are!" Nancy, who was shocked, had to face her truth: that the capable, successful and super popular woman she was at work was 180 degrees different from the woman who showed up in her marriage. Sounds familiar?

Maybe not exactly this scenario, but don't we all have an area in our lives that we rock and are really good in and another area where we totally and utterly fail? As Nancy went to face her husband, her life unraveled in her 40 and as she slowly got her footing again - at the cusp of turning 50 - another aspect of her life fell apart when Hay House CEO Reid Tracy took her on a fateful walk and told her (lovingly) that she had to leave the company.... a move that eventually allowed her to step into her own power and greatness as a Master Coach and founder of renowned Levin Life Coach Academy.

Nancy is a perfect example of how a woman defies any ageism and becomes even more beautiful and successful the older she gets! Living a life you love IS THE BEST anti-aging remedy EVER ;)

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