Success and love after 40


Finding love, starting a business, and crossing the million-dollar mark all in your 40s? YES, please!

Meet my guest on today's brand new "It's Never Too Late" episode, who is none other than Marie-Claire Cates, the embodiment of a woman who ages like fine wine and defies any and all prejudices towards women over 40.

Marie-Claire, who arrived in America from Haiti at age 16 and under the most challenging of circumstances (you won't believe the shame and guilt she had to overcome at such young age), found her stride in her 40s and launched her own super-effective skincare company for women with acne - - that broke the million-dollar mark in 2020.

After one short marriage at age 29, Marie-Claire became very clear about what kind of partner she'd like to have by her side and you'll get a kick out of what she thought when she first met the man she's so happily married to now ;) ..... it's a very valuable lesson for all of us. Now, at the verge of turning 50, Marie-Claire is truly spreading her wings and bringing her company, and her marriage, to new heights! Follow Marie-Claire on Instagram: Acne Expert: 

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