Was I really just diagnosed with breast cancer?"> Was I really just diagnosed with breast cancer?">

Was I really just diagnosed with breast cancer?

Dear Sisters,

Today I want to simply tell you that you mean the world to me. 

Yes, even if we have not met in person or chatted on the phone. Even if I only know your name. You still mean the world to me. And here is why:

Last week I had one of the most surreal conversations of my life. A lovely female Doctor at the George Washington Hospital here in DC gave me the diagnosis of breast cancer. This came totally out of the blue.

After two or three minutes of the Doctor talking, I actually reached over and put my hand on her knee to interrupt her. I asked: "Hang on, did you just seriously tell me I have breast cancer?" She nodded. "Yes, Bettina, I am sorry about that."

I shook my head and said: "I hear you. But let me tell you, I don't do cancer, I do HEALTH!" 

And then I asked: "So how time sensitive is that thing? I have a book launch on May 1st!" She looked surprised. "Well, it's cancer." I thought for a moment. "Hm, OK then, what's next?"

So by now, I can say that it looks like I am going to be fine with a surgery called lumpectomy (actually two of those, as I just found out when my Doctor called today. And, yes, I said WTF.) and some radiation/chemo treatment afterward. By book launch, I should be as good as new or at least on the way ;-)

In the week since my diagnosis I learned a TON about myself, my mental strength and the importance of crystal clear focus on health, rather than my CCs (as I lovingly call my cancer cells. I actually send my left breast and my CCs love every day as I figure that's the better strategy than rejecting or, worse, hating them, and as an extension sending this message to my whole body). 

And I get to practice what I wrote about in The Joy of Later Motherhood: that whatever your diagnose - infertility, recurring miscarriages, PCOS, CCs, etc. - it's absolutely paramount to not focus on what's going wrong right now but on what can and does go right with your body and in your life. 

And to embrace (rather than rebel against) what's happening and use this situation to optimize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. And then to look for what could lovingly be adjusted in your life. After all, the goal is to come out of this situation healthier and stronger than you were going into it!

That's my story and I am sticking to it. 

I am actively choosing to focus on all the things that are going so well right now - and this is where YOU come into the picture:

* I spent last night dedicating a heap of books to the awesome women who ordered them last week (bit.ly/joyoflatermotherhood). Ladies, I appreciate you more than I can say and I hope this book brings you as much joy and courage as it brought to me writing it! 

* Just before I dropped them off at the post office I took the picture above. I LOVED the weight of all the books in my bag on the way to the post office. The Joy of Later Motherhood starts its journey into the world because of YOU!

* Funny enough I chose months ago to send my books out in a hot pink envelope. I know that some of you had to deal with your own breast CCs in the past (or now) and I am sending you love, and an enormous virtual hug!

* I am elated about every single woman on my email list. This is just the beginning for me, so my list is still small, very personal and truly dear to my heart. Please drop me a note whenever you feel like, I am here to help and support you in any way I can! And it's also lovely to hear your thoughts about the book.

* Last week, just a couple of days after my diagnosis a flood of new names popped up on my newsletter list which made me smile big time! You have no idea how much your sign-up helped me stay positive and happy! If you are among the new sign-ups from last week, please send me a short note back about how you found me, so I can thank you and the angel who brought you my way just at the right time!

One more note about fertility and babies: Please forgive that I won't be able to write much this month but let me tell you about an amazing and totally FREE event that starts tomorrow, Wednesday, April 4th, that could completely change your life:

Gabriela Rosa, a world-renown natural fertility expert, and mother of two, starts her new 7day Fertility Challenge online event. I participated in the challenge myself last year and was amazed by how much I learned even after doing so much research for my book already. I interviewed Gabriela myself just last month and I tell you, this woman knows all about creating healthy babies!

So if you are eager to start your family soon (and maybe have tried for years already), join her event and learn as much as you can for free: https://naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/fertility-challenge/

With love, gratitude, and respect for your journey,



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