How We Can Work Together

Hi, I am Bettina

I am a journalist, certified mental strength trainer, and author of the bestselling book The Joy of Later Motherhood. 

In this book I share the stories and advice of women over 40 who all had natural pregnancies and healthy babies to show other women of “advanced maternal age” what is possible and, in fact, perfectly natural.

I love to support women who - like I was - are contemplating motherhood later in life. I had my boy at age 44 so I know all about the "ageism" that's prevalent around us and the pressures put on us women to have our children at an age most other women have them - and not when the time is right for US

The pressure and "Get on it, the clock is ticking!" messages come from media articles, statistics, Google searches, from well-meaning friends and family, but also from judgmental Doctors who often criticize us harshly for "having waited so long" and wo want us to do in-vitro-fertilization ("Your best chance at your advanced age!") right away.

Which is especially upsetting if you have not even met the right partner yet, isn't it? 

Or if you saw yourself as a mother since you were a little girl but pregnancy has not happened yet and the next birthday is around the corner. 

Regardless of where we are in life, with every passing birthday many of us start to wonder:

  • "Am I getting too old to become a mother?"
  • "Are my eggs not good enough anymore more, my body too weak for a pregnancy?"
  • "Will I miscarry like my sister and best friend?"
  • "Am I infertile all together?", and, the mother-load question:
  • "Did I squander my chances away? Am I the one to blame?" 
I am here to tell you: "Your life unfolded in the way it needed to unfold. Your life's experiences, your age, and your wisdom are your greatest assets!"

NOW is the PERFECT time in your life to become the BEST version of yourself and BEST mother you can be! 

Let me say this again: this is the perfect time for you and nobody, really nobody has the right to shame or guilt trip you about how your life unfolded. Not even you yourself. ;-)  

What I Do

I see myself as your “Mature Motherhood Mentor” and my role is to guide and support you to experience hope and joy (again) on your journey and to listen to your inner wisdom as you make decisions that are best for you.

As a certified mental strength trainer my expertise is with our beautiful and often mysterious minds that hold power over our bodies and our ability to conceive. It's called the Biology of Belief and it is real. 

(I know first hand how powerful our minds can be because my own contradictory thoughts kept me from getting pregnant for a whole year.) 

As a mentor and trusted guide, my intention is to help you identify - with crystal clarity - what’s keeping you from having the family you want. And then moving past your blocks. 

Regardless of where you’re starting from, my goal is to help you:

  • Get clear on your unique way to creating the life you desire 
  • Eliminate any confusion or mixed feelings that may be sabotaging you
  • Get you to a place of self-confidence, empowerment and clarity especially during times of uncertainty 
Never give up on your dream. Age is a number, not your destiny! 

"Pregnancy after 40 can be a joyful and healthy experience, despite what so many women are led to believe. Bettina Gordon-Wayne lays out the territory to later motherhood with wisdom and knowledge."

Dr Christiane Northrup
MD, OB/GYN, and author of New York Times bestsellers: Goddesses Never Age; Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom; and The Wisdom of Menopause

How It Works


As you know, the road to motherhood can be lonely, confusing, and frustrating at times - especially when yet another birthday looms around the corner. 

Let me guide you through the process of turning your mind - which may be your biggest adversary right now and negatively influence your body's ability to conceive - into your biggest alley!

I'll be your mentor, confidant, and biggest cheerleader. While I do offer one-off consultations it's usually better for us to join forces for at least 3 sessions so we can be more effective.  If you want an exclusive tailored-for-you experience, inquire about my 3-month VIP package please. 

  • Single Session Rate: $197 for a 60 minute session.
  • 3 Session Package Rate: $497 for 3 x 1 hour sessions and additional email communication.
  • 3-month VIP tailored package. Please inquire at hello @ for details.

All sessions will happen via Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp or phone, or if you’re in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area we can meet in person. 

Let's make your journey towards motherhood simply incredible - shall we!!

Book your sessions now. We'll email you a link to my calendar shortly after we've received the payment confirmation:

Single Session

Let's do it! Book your first one hour long session with me. We will email you a link to my calendar shortly after your payment is received. 

Three Sessions

Perfect choice, congratulations! Let's make the most of our time together with this power-packed trio. We'll email you a link to my calendar shortly after your payment is received.  

20 Min. Welcome

You have questions around my offering? Or around later motherhood? Then let's jump on a 20 minute phone call and see what I can offer you. Free of charge, of course. Book here:

20 Minutes Welcome

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