Congrats, Gabby Bernstein!

When Gabby Bernstein, well-known #1 NY Times bestselling author and speaker, and I first met a couple of years ago, she had just spoken on stage about her fertility challenge and I just had finished writing my (now bestselling) book The Joy of Later Motherhood - dedicated to all women who are labeled with the “advanced maternal age” label (women 35+).  

This stuff is real ladies! I am so glad about every woman who speaks about her own challenge so that others don’t feel alone on their journey.  

Life in the 21st-century with all the toxicity, stress, and demands that we have on us makes it a lot more difficult to conceive the children that are meant for us than in previous times. I was so happy when I read that Gabby is expecting her second son —  ❤️❤️ Gabby will be 42 when she’ll deliver.  

This is what Gabby herself wrote when sharing the news:  

"May this post offer hope to all parents wanting to conceive. I spent 2020 in and out of fertility treatment. Eight rounds of treatment to be exact. I gained 17 pounds, drove hundreds of miles, and gave myself countless shots. Round after round didn’t work.  

Still, I remained calm and faithful. I repeated my favorite message from A Course in Miracles, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”  

After months of failed attempts, I decided to stop listening to the outside voices and turn inward for guidance. My intuition was loud! In stillness, I was able to channel the wisdom that helped me advocate for myself, ask for less stimulation, focus on egg quality over quantity.  

And it worked. My final round of IVF led me to one embryo that we could test. All you need is one. One miracle baby. I’m thrilled to share that another healthy boy will be joining our family at the end of March. I’ll be 42 when I give birth.  

To all the future parents out there, your baby is on the way. They may not come on your time or the way you planned, but they’re coming. They hear your call and they’re getting ready for you. God bless all the brave spirit babies joining us in the world at this time. I’m confident they have a big mission here."❤️  

I get goosebumps reading this, don't you too?  

Ladies, your mindset and emotional health are crucial on this journey, as Gabby herself describes here. Even  - or ESPECIALLY - during the intensity of multiple rounds of IVF (or any other big challenge on the journey) it is your mindset, your steady faith, your inner voice that will lead you to the baby.   

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With love, Bettina

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